The Next Tilt

Is O’Rourke the candidate to beat for the Dems, next time around?

Former Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) has been meeting with former President Barack Obama. A meeting of these two minds makes a great deal of sense. In Obama, the Democrats found a blank slate candidate on whom voters could project their wishes and dreams and he won two terms. In O’Rourke, the Democrats may have found the answer to their struggles in Texas. And if they can even become competitive in Texas, national politics will shift in the Democrats’ favor. Democrats see 2020 as an opportunity to topple President Trump.

Two years is a long time in politics, but at the same time it’s no time at all. The 2020 primaries are just over a year away. Any serious candidate for president in 2020 must be laying the groundwork now if they have not already started. They must be looking at building campaign staff, and they must have money in the bank or proven access to money.

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5 thoughts on “The Next Tilt

  1. Beto is a billionaire real-estate developer. Well, actually his father-in-law is a billionaire real-estate developer (whose interests he represents), therefore you would think he should be talking to The Donald.

  2. Beto was a local government hack that loved using Eminent Domain to steal property for left wing government purposes. There is no denying that he received millions in donations from large, out of state left wing donors. Democrats are desperate to turn Texas blue so they can ruin the state’s economy and turn it into another California shyt hole!

  3. “Beto” O’Rourke’s real first name is Robert. He has 100% Irish ancestry. His “Beto” nickname was given to him, not by grateful Latin American fans, but by his parents.
    In a recent column, Dana Milbank praised O’Rourke for his “genuineness.”
    I have actually met a millionaire who had genuineness. He was born poor.
    I do not think that it is possible for a person born into wealth to be “genuine” in a way that wouldn’t make Milbank shudder.
    I find it annoying and insulting when a millionaire politician says that he cares about people like me. On the inside, every politician is LBJ.

  4. Robert Francis O’Rourke is whiter than I am, and I am Scots-Irish and Norsky. I just cannot believe hispanic voters are going to buy into his b.s.

    And remember when money in politics was bad, and the Repubbies were the party of the rich?

    The left doesn’t either.

  5. Kinlaw; well, the Democrats didn’t care about money in politics when it was Dear Leader benefiting from it, or Bill Clinton, or “D*** ’em and dunk ’em” Kennedy, or Swiftboat Kerry….they would care now exactly why?

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