The GOP Dumbass Bigot Caucus

GOP precinct in Texas is working on removing a high-ranking officer…

Because he’s Muslim :

 Republican leaders in one of the most populous counties in Texas want to remove a party vice chairman because he’s Muslim, according to emails between party leaders.

The emails delivered anonymously to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram indicate the Tarrant County GOP executive committee plans to vote Jan. 10 on whether to remove Shahid Shafi from his leadership position.

Some in the party say Shafi, a surgeon and city council member in a Fort Worth suburb, may be more loyal to Islamic law or not supportive enough of the party’s pro-Israel platform.

Shafi counters that he supports American laws and the court system, and says he has no affiliation to “any terrorist organization,” as some have alleged. Shafi, who became a U.S. citizen in 2009 and shortly after joined the Republican Party, says he supports the Second Amendment and has never promoted Sharia, or Islamic, law.

Members of the Republican Party’s burgeoning “Dumbass Bigot Caucus” would respond by claiming “every Muslim in the universe obeys every “Hadith” in the Koran to the letter, including the ones about deceiving infidels”, implying that Muslims, regardless of sector or even observance (25% of ethnic/cultural Muslims are non-observant) adhere to their holy texts absolutely, without question and all in the same way, in a way that no other faith does (or perhaps you’ve noticed how not a single Catholic gets divorced or get an abortion, no evangelicals ever root for Notre Dame, and no Jews ever, ever eat pork).

Radical Islam – Wahhabism and radical Shia – and attendant Muslim laws are a threat to western civilization – or at least to weak, fundamentally corrupt and decaying ones, like in Europe. The United States is still, despite the best efforts of progressives, a vibrant, strong, resilient nation, the kind of place people want to come to. We cannot, and will never be, defeated by an external threat – List of all by one that wants to drag humanity back to the seventh century A.D.

Progressivism, on the other hand, is a clear, present, immediate threat to this nation and everything that made it strong, vital and resilient. And this kind of bigotry drives pro-life, pro free market, pro second amendment, pro constitutional, people who happen to be Muslim straight into the arms of the progressives.

It is – I’ll be diplomatic – cripplingly shortsighted, and the kind of thing that needs to be expunged from the party.

3 thoughts on “The GOP Dumbass Bigot Caucus

  1. Minnesota’s politics made a sharp, leftward lurch after JD Rockefeller imported thousands of socialist Finns to work the mines in the Iron Range. The son of one of these socialist Finns was Gus Hall (Arvo Kustaa Halberg), who became the long time leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The CPUSA was the puppet of the USSR’s communist party.

  2. Id change dumbass with retarded. Dumbass is too kind of a word to describe these droogsm

  3. speaking of dumbasses this comment nedds to be posted here

    “It’s time to put a fire under our favorite Republican Senator, Mitch Mc Connell! He needs to push the “Nation Wide Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill” that’s sitting in the Senate right now. The House passed it with flying colors. At the first of the year, all the hard work to get it to the senate will be all for waist when the dems take over.

    Call the U.S. Senate and demand that it be voted on, today!

    Call (202) 224 2541”

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