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Will the social justice police finish eating each other

“The Vagina Monologues,” once a cutting-edge cry of feminist liberation, is headed to the campus forbidden zone . . . because it excludes women who don’t have vaginas.

Seriously: The Women’s Resource Center at Eastern Michigan University just stopped productions of Eve Ensler’s 1994 play for its lack of trans-sensitivity, as well as its supposed overall lack of diversity and inclusion.

…before they take the rest of society down with them?

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  1. Category: shit you cannot make up. 5 years ago this would have been Onion territory, now its mainstream… well as mainstream as this crap gets.

  2. Laws against cannibalism are just another tool that the patriarchy uses to oppress women and minorities.

  3. I’m fond saying that the Babylon Bee is supposed to be satire, not future news. Sadly, the future is often only a week away.

  4. Greg, laws against cannibalism and sati, no?

    What’s really scary about this in my view is that folks in Ypsilanti are by and large far more sensible than their neighbors 5 miles west in Ann Arbor. This means the nonsense about “not all women have vaginas” is getting far closer to the mainstream.

    (to be fair, I’d guess that some women lose at least a portion of the V due to cervical cancer and such, but that’s not likely to be the reason they disavow the V monologues…..)

  5. This insanity all just a big gag for the Conan O’Brien shoe.

    Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog will be making follow up appearances any day now.

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