6 thoughts on “Tool Of Patriarchy!

  1. I need a drink, reading shit like this and the next post makes me happy I’ll be checking out of this crap for the next 4 days.

  2. I bet shes only bi because she likes men but they avoid her like the plague, she essentially sounds like a female, left wing version of Alex Jones. Only women who are crazy as her would tolerate that.

  3. If homos come to their situations through mental dysfunction, genomic aberration, twisted environment or a mashup of all of that, “bi sexuals” are people who simply have no interest in controlling themselves, and never understood that they once had dignity.

    I imagine many would dabble in multi-species action given the right circumstances.

  4. A bisexual Democrat beats the Republican candidate in AZ. This has potential for a Onion headline

  5. POD, regarding the claims of her being bi, one thing I saw that struck me was her previous divorce and the ex-husband telling the press he didn’t want to talk about it. I couldn’t prove it in a court of law, but I have a hunch that sometimes “bisexuality” really means “sexual opportunism because heterosexuality didn’t work out well at some point.”

  6. She must have come from San Francisco
    She must have lost her way
    Posting a poster of Pancho and Cisco
    One California day
    She says she believes in Robin Hood and brotherhood
    and colors of green and grey
    And all you can do is laugh at her
    Doesn’t anybody know how to pray?
    Arizona, take off your rainbow shades
    Arizona, have another look at the world gone by

    Let old White people die and replace them with illegal aliens and Californians and what do you get? Synergy?

    No. Synema

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