I Pledge Pledge Allegiance To Alexandria Ocasio Cortez…

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I get it now. I understand. It’s hard to change a lifetime of thinking one way, the wrong way, but I get it now.

I hope my children do worse than I. I hope their prospects are dimmer, their fortunes poorer, their deaths early.

You see, I once believed that by staying in school to get an education, working hard in my job, spending frugally and investing wisely, that I was making a better life for myself and my family. But now that I’m woke, I see that I never earned anything, I didn’t build my career, it was all handed to me because my parents weren’t divorced and my Mother read to me.

I have White Privilege.

Oh, sure, I saw the brown, black, red and yellow kids outside the razor wire, watching us White kids go to the school where they were denied admittance. I saw them sitting against the wall of the supermarket, their bellies distended, flies buzzing around their heads, because they life in a food desert. I thought that was the natural and inevitable consequence of their parents’ cultural choices. I thought White culture was better at protecting women and children while building and conserving wealth.

But I understand things now and I’m not going to let my children make the same mistakes that I made. I’m pulling them out of STEM school and getting them hooked on drugs to ensure they never go back. I’m squandering my savings on a tricked-out Yukon with 20-inch Spreewells. I’m quitting my job and committing a few felonies, to ensure I can’t get another. When my kids’ lives are as bad as the kids in the lowest strata of society, then things will be fair.

I know they’ll thank me someday.


8 thoughts on “I Pledge Pledge Allegiance To Alexandria Ocasio Cortez…

  1. Joe, the lessons white kids need most today aren’t found in STEM classes.

    Just providing them with the tools they need to earn a comfortable living wont cut it. There simply wont be enough of them to support the hordes of low IQ, uneducated people who are pouring across the borders and outbreeding us in cities.

    The America we are leaving them has different, simpler rules. Put one plate on the supper table, and let them fight for it.


  2. Joe, just because you pledge that stuff doesn’t mean you have to give up the fitted blazer with wide lapels and green piping; a slim, matching set of trousers; and an elegant pair of black stilettos from Manolo Blahnik.

  3. MAGA’s drive arch conservative Jeff Flake out of the Senate for not being Trumpian enough. His seat gets taken by a bisexual Democrat. Good times.

  4. Emery, did they drive him out of the Senate, or did Flake step down in what might charitably be described as a hissy fit? Let’s be honest; the man basically tore down his own party to “preserve” it and ended up giving the seat to a woman who’s publicly stated her state is lunatics when he could have simply stood for what he felt was right.

    As we said in elementary school, “smooth move, Ex-lax”.

  5. Let me tell you how good the times are emery: more center-right judges. Lots and LOTS more center-right judges.

    And: more center-right Supreme court justices!!

    Good times indeed.

  6. Emery’s dream of a favorable decision from SCOTUS giving pedo’s the green light; dashed for the next 30 years, Kinlaw.

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