The Voice Of Minnesota!

Minnesota’s various gun grabber groups – “Protect” Minnesota and Mom Want Action (A wholly owned and financially a really dependent subsidiary of Every town) held a huge rally out in Excelsior yesterday.

They rented (as I’ve been told) the cities bandshell on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, to gather together the overwhelming force of the Twin Cities gun control movement in one place, to make the foundations of the “gun lobby and proud to Shudder in fear.

Oh, yes they did:

Can you feel the foundations shaking?

The funny part? This picture was taken by a second amendment activist. But “Protect“ Minnesota is on camera and violates the first rules of propaganda videos; “when your people are talking to a tiny crowd, do nothing but close ups“. He penned out to a “wired“ shot… Of a couple of dozen people listening to one of their do ranged speakers

At the event’s “peak “, there may have been 70 people at the “rally”.

Between rental and other costs, the “event” is estimated to have cost $18,000 to produce. That’s roughly $300 per attendee.

In comparison, the Minnesota gun carcasses/NRA rally at the state capital on April 23 cost $500, and drew close to 4000 Real Americans.

That’s right – the total cost of the Real American rally was blessed in the per capita cost of the grabbers event for two people.

6 thoughts on “The Voice Of Minnesota!

  1. At the event’s “peak “, there may have been 70 people at the “rally”.

    There is strength in numbers… I guess.

  2. Every one of those 70 people will get a second of airtime on local media. None of the 4,000 will. Force multiplier to convince the low information voters which side is “winning.”

  3. $18,000 is chump change for Bloomie. However, this goes to show you that SJWs don’t always have the best financial training or sense. I say let them spend as much as they can.

    I really need to start getting in the habit of clicking our opposition’s web/email ads when I see them, so that I help them spendwaste as much money as possible.

  4. A good part of the crowd were probably looking to get cover in the bandshell in the event the cloudy skies turned to rain.

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