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One Anne Vetter writes in the Strib that she is reporting the perpetrators of two sexual assaults against hes

…sort of:

The day after the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, I spent the morning on the phone with the Title IX coordinator from my college. I’d never spoken to her before, but I recounted in excruciating detail the two times men raped me while I was in school.

Not a cop.   A school bureaucrat, representative of a system that often repudiates due process and starts from a presumption of guilt (for men).

But it’s a start.

Now I see that reporting has a purpose, even if it’s not about the pursuit of legal justice. The report may be confidential, and the perpetrator may not suffer immediate consequences. But Kavanaugh defenders doubted Ford’s credibility because there was no contemporaneous evidence of any misdeeds. If she’d been able to point to paperwork she’d filled out in the early 1980s, this conversation – and Kavanaugh’s candidacy for the Supreme Court – would probably have ended weeks ago. Reporting an incident as soon as possible puts contemporaneous testimony into the record, in case it is ever needed.

On the one hand, at least it’s a report.  Who knows – she may protect some other woman in the future.

On the other hand – what does she want?  A oookie?  I mean, good on ya, Anne, for doing what you’re supposed to do.

I get it.   It’s hard to do – similar to men reporting being victims of domestic abuse.   Perhaps I’m being insensitive.

Could be.

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  1. Lot’s of red flags about it not being rape . . . no police report, reporting only to a bureaucrat months or years later, when physical evidence can’t be collected. Note her excuse. She didn’t want to harm their careers. Uh . . . I’ve never heard of a rape victim refusing to go to the cops (or even administrator) because she was afraid the rapist would later have employemnt problems. You’d think that she would want them castrated.
    And, of course, she knew both of the “assailants.” She doesn’t mention it, but I bet she maintained contact with them both afterwards.
    That’s why she didn’t report it police. Not a chance of a conviction, but now she sees a golden opportunity to ruin their future career on her word along.
    What a sicko.

  2. The Strib article comes from The Washington Post. Here is how WAPO casts her by-line.

    Anne Vetter is a writer and photographer living in the Bay Area.

    A search engine result gives this description:

    Anne Vetter is a queer, Jewish femme from California. She is a photographer, a poet, an anthropologist.

    Let’s consider the source.

  3. She is a lesbian who was sleeping with her first male friend, who fucked her without permission, and then said “no” to a second male friend who fucked her anyway.
    Kind of cheapens the whole ordeal a woman goes through when a stranger grabs her while she is out walking, beats the crap out of her, rapes her, and leaves her for dead, doesn’t it?

  4. She won’t report it to the cops; why not?


    That would trigger an investigation, which would expose her to possible criminal charges and civil law suits.

    Better to have that accusation sit out there uncorroborated until after the statute of limitations has safely passed.

    On a different, but related subject, I need some advice.

    I’ve always been a big supporter of Israel, but I can’t help noticing that many of the most active leftist reprobates and Anti-American insurgents are secular Jews.

    I’m trying to avoid the Black pill, but how is it that .2% of the world population manages to have such a large, and consistently corrosive impact?

    Many of the leading Socialist/Communist leaders are, and have been Jewish.

    Karl Marx was born Jewish, but later converted to Lutheran.
    Trotsky was Jewish. Soros is Jewish.

    What is the deal with Jews?

  5. MP, probably best to say simply that while date rape is not generally the same kind of thing as classic forcible rape, it does have bad effects. I would agree with you that this is a classic example of a case where it would take Solomon to sort things out. If someone “wakes up to someone penetrating them”, to me that implies that someone was most likely pretty intoxicated and probably undressed to start with. Tons of bad signs for making a good case there.

    Her second example almost seems like forcible rape–he “pushed through nos” and all that. Either way, both cases belong in the hands of the police, not Title IX.

  6. Fellows, you’re assuming she’s telling the truth, that something actually happened. That’s the wrong assumption. She’s lying. Nothing happened.

    Women lie about sex and assault. We know this for certain, because Rep. Keith Ellison assured us of it, multiple times after multiple women accused him. The DNC referred his most recent case to the DFL who hired their lobbyist to investigate, who concluded that since there was no video of the incident, the claim was unsubstantiated. No police agency is willing to investigate. The conclusion is: she’s lying. He’s exonerated.

    Since we have it from the highest authority that women cannot be believed on this subject, your analysis is not just premature, but completely inappropriate. The accused men are entirely innocent.

    I’ve heard that in the Muslim world, a woman’s word cannot be accepted as testimony unless a man confirms it. When Ellison is elected Attorney General, maybe he’ll implement that requirement in Minnesota. Cut down on a lot of frivolous complaints.

  7. It is very hard to know who to believe in these contentious “he said/she said” situations. So I have prepared a little list to aid in this difficult endeavor.

    Believe Anita Hill
    Don’t believe Kathleen Willey
    Don’t believe Juanita Broaddrick
    Don’t believe Paula Jones
    Don’t believe Monica Lewinsky
    Believe Christine Blasey Ford
    Believe Deborah Ramirez
    Believe Julie Swetnick
    Don’t believe Karen Monahan

  8. I didn’t catch where Vetter (?) has made sworn statement about these supposed attacks. Even if she had I can’t get around the idea of the reasons why she hadn’t made complaints previously. As JD points out there have been more that a few women who have made false accusations in the past, and it cost an arm and a leg for the ones falsely accused to be clear themselves of the charges made.

  9. You know, a recount “in excruciating detail” made to a “Title IX coordinator from my college” is still nothing. There’s still no evidence. And no police (ie, legal) investigation. Good lord, these people’s – these women’s – grasp of reality is tenuous.

  10. Her honors thesis from Colby College is from 2017. Statute of limitations is not expired, most likely, and if the Title IX coordinator didn’t plead with her to report things to the proper authorities, then we seriously need to reconsider whether Title IX is doing any good, or whether it’s actually hurting victims.

  11. I still maintain, if you think you have been raped or sexually assaulted, don’t call the dean, call the police. They are the only ones who can bring the assailant to justice.

  12. Per Loren:

    Police: can collect physical evidence, can compel testimony, have extensive resources for investigations.

    Title IX administrators: don’t have any of that, but they do want to avoid embarrassing their host institution. (e.g. Penn State, Michigan State, USC, Ohio State)

    Take your pick. I’m my church’s Sunday School administrator, and have had a few opportunities to interact with people who have been offended, or whose loved ones have been offended. And in each case, my gut feeling is that the most likely route to (a) convicting the guilty and (b) exonerating the innocent is the criminal justice system. Just had an interaction last night, actually.

  13. I feel like I dodged a bullet or two. One oldest daughter interviewed at Colby but decided not to go to college in the East. Of course, it was almost 20 years ago. Read Vetter’s Honors Thesis and you will be AMAZED!
    Here’s a sample: “Mostly, the fieldwork in which I was
    actively taking notes took place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Thursday
    nights, I’d go off campus to the Colby Sponsored Bar Nights at local bars where students
    flooded in, filled up all of the space and bought discounted beer and mixed drinks.”
    I guess I was born too early. When I went to college, yeah, we did all that, but didn’t expect to get college credits for it!

  14. @golfdoc, that’s nothing. We had a bar called The Library just off campus.

    Parent: So what were you doing this week?
    Student: Just going to The Library.

    But of course the parents wouldn’t hear the capital letters and think their darling was just being a diligent student. The students wouldn’t get credits with the college, but they sure got them from their parents!

  15. Hmm. To get out of purgatory, Dante had to pass through a fire so hot that he wished for molten glass to cool him.
    So! Chin up! The earthly paradise (aka seeing your comment published on SITD) lies just ahead. Beatrice grows impatient, Virgil wishes to return to the Elysium Fields. By your own will you must choose to enter the purging flame!

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