He Who Forgets History…

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Al Franken hasn’t ruled out running for office again.  Why not?  In Minnesota, he’s guaranteed 40% of the vote, from people who reflexively vote Democrat regardless of who’s running.  And Name Identification will get him another 5% from the Undecided-Uninformed crowd who look at the ballot and say: “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of him.”  A couple more boxes of ballots from the trunk of the car and he’s back in office.


It’s sad, really.  The American political system was intended for citizen-legislators to briefly meet to handle problems, then resume their daily lives.  Professional politicians have no daily lives.  When they’re forced out of office, they’re like those 70’s bands that routinely filled the stadium in their heyday but now hope to get booked at the Medina Ballroom.

Joe Doakes

Watching the Attorney General primary on the GOP side – where perennial candidate and, er, colorful personality Sharon Anderson, who is not the former Channel 5 personality got over 30% of the vote – I hate to say, this isn’t just a Democrat phenomenon.

Although with Sharon Anderson it’s a laughing matter.  With Stuart…



4 thoughts on “He Who Forgets History…

  1. I wonder if the lame stream media will cover “Walked Into My Poisition” Tina Smith’s husband sheltering investments in Caribbean tax havens, to the tune of approximately $20 million? As we see time and again, Democrap politicians love taxing investment income of the peasants, but not theirs.

  2. The link says Sen. Smalley attended the grand opening of an Indian high school with an unpronounceable name. Did he fly in from NYC, or did he actually move back to the state he cares so much about? Does anyone know?

    I used to see Grabby Keillor in his red socks and tennis shoes, shambling around Cathedral hill and Grand Ave from time to time, mumbling incoherently. Does Stuart mingle with you plebes?

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