Has there ever been a more perfect Social Justice Warrior headline than this?

I’m not aware that “Climate Progress” is a parody site, long the lines of The Onion or Babylon Bee, although it’d explain a lot.  Either way.

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  1. Speaking for myself, if you must post examples of incurable diseases, I’d rather you post pictures of open herpes sores than these bits of insane leftist errata.

  2. If, as the pic and linked article seem to indicate, non-whites are concerned about their reproductive rates, the first thing they should do is actively campaign to cut off all govt funds to Planned Parenthood, an organization that routinely kills non-white babies at a rate twice(often more) that of whites.

  3. Amazing. If you don’t believe the tweet, the linked-to article backs it up. In all seriousness.

  4. From the article:

    One of the lessons from the storm was that women are at greater risk than men in times of crisis.

    Is that cis women or women in general? Because the level of concern is directly tied to that.

    And what of the other 55 genders? Why aren’t they mentioned?

    To prepare for the next Katrina, advocates say, the government must provide more protection for women, including higher wages, more affordable housing and better access to health care — including contraception and abortion which are disproportionately used by cis women.

    Ah, transgender women are denied access to abortion and contraception! We must protest!

    Speakers noted that New Orleans is exquisitely vulnerable to severe storms. This is partly a function of geography — most of the city sits below sea level, making it prone to flooding — but it is also a function of inequality, a matter of who can afford shelter and health care.

    It’s also a function of intelligence! Those who are smart enough to not live below sea level in a hurricane prone area have more access to reproduction since they’re less likely to drown! PROTEST THE DISTRIBUTION OF INTELLIGENCE!!!!

    (Forgive me, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep reading this article, my reasoning powers are crying out against this assault on sanity.

    Aside: Do you know how hard it was to type the html command blockquote instead of the far more appropriate blockheadquote?)

  5. Loved the line about contraception and abortion being disproportionately used by “cis” women. Um, yes, those without working reproductive organs are unlikely to need contraception or abortion. This comes as a surprise to exactly who? And apparently “keeping it in your pants if you can’t deal with likely consequences” is anathema to a huge portion of ThinkProgress’ readers. Just.Wow.

  6. if you must post examples of incurable diseases, I’d rather you post pictures of open herpes sores than these bits of insane leftist errata.,

    “This is who I am. I can do no other”.

  7. And what of the other 55 genders? Why aren’t they mentioned?

    Reminds me of a great meme I saw on Facebook, “How can the left determine there are 50+ genders yet not understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration

  8. POD: global climate change will lead to harsher extremes in weather, making it impossible to get effective contraception and murder one’s baby. Because evidently global warming not only changes the weather, but also makes it impossible for half the population to figure out it might be a good idea to get out of the path of a hurricane. No, I am not making this up.

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  10. Lots of low hanging fruit to mock, that’s for sure. I pick the graph showing the percent of families in NOLA and surrounding communities living below the poverty line. Look at the difference between families with married couples versus those with female heads of house hold. Staggering! Does that suggest anything to “Think Progress?” Apparently not.

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