The Demography Of Anti-Democracy

A friend of the blog writes:

This story, which will likely be explained away as a harmless anomaly, hints at what is likely a much larger issue.

A dozen invalid ballots? I would like to know if the full dozen were all witnessed by the same ineligible person or if its a dozen ineligible persons. I would also like to know the reason for their ineligibility (i.e. out of state resident, suspended civil rights, or simply failure to register to vote). Given that CD1,CD2 & CD8 are all in play for possible Republican takeover and CD5 has media darling Omar who, like Ocasio-Cortez, must be supported at any cost to keep the millennial voters interested enough to vote, it is not unlikely that the ineligible witness is an out of state operative associated with the DNC or one of the Soros based groups. I would also like to know what subgroups those ineligible ballots came from (black, Asian, Hispanic, etc). If Omar loses out to Keliher then she’s out of office/politics for at least a couple years

Greater Minnesota seems to be getting redder, so the DFL needs its bulwark in the metro to be as strong as possible.

No matter how many shenanigans they need to pull.

5 thoughts on “The Demography Of Anti-Democracy

  1. Wait until you have Keith Ellison investigating ballot box fraud.
    I bet that you didn’t know that Hennepin & Ramsey county cast over half of Minnesota’s registered voters. Keith will explain to you how that works.

  2. It is a sure bet that the “election officials” that did the checking are leftists.

    Why were these thousands of ballots chosen for special scrutiny? And why would leftist reprobates want to not only look for bad ballots, but announce they had found some?


    Leftist reprobates are, well, reprobates, but they’re not stupid. Absentee ballots are the sweetest scam anyone since Boss Tweed has come up with.

    They know the right will have a look, and will find some cheating. This is groundwork for the gaslighting that comes later.

    “Our system worked; we found ALL the bad ballots, and corrected them. There is no election fraud you silly people. Go eat your kibble and stop barking.”

  3. All kinds of questionable counting last night in Ramsey County. There were a few races where reporting of the votes was initially incorrect. For example, in St Paul’s city council race, reporting had the votes of the 2nd and 3rd place candidates reversed. The Roseville mayoral votes report initially had the incumbent mayor with fewer votes than the challenger, which was incorrect. Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in what are considered the final result reports.

  4. If this is the same story I heard about last week, the ineligible witness is not a Minnesota resident that forged the name and signature of a registered MN voter. Unfortunately, this link has zero details beyond the headline.

  5. MP is correct, if, as is likely, Keith Ellison becomes AG it is open season for ballot fraud, expect Republicans to have an extraordinary run of bad luck for at least the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.

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