As The Civil Cold War Heats Up

New York Governor Cuomo is popping off shots at the Bill of Rights no less than Gen. Beauregard at Fort Sumter:

The NRA accuses Cuomo of running a campaign of “selective prosecution, backroom exhortations and public threats.” It claims the government seeks to halt its defense of the Second Amendment.

“Simply put,” the NRA alleges, Cuomo and New York regulators “made it clear to banks and insurers that it is bad business in New York to do business with the NRA.

The Government of the state of New York; like the Medellin Cartel, only in cheaper suits.

8 thoughts on “As The Civil Cold War Heats Up

  1. He’s just following the long-standing tradition of private security services entrepreneurs which are popular in the state’s largest city.

    “That’s a nice bank you got there….it’d be a shame if something happened to it”

  2. Dad, I’m considering a career in organized crime.

    Government or private sector?

  3. I suppose that there is a constitutional argument against what Cuomo has done. The feds are allowed to regulate interstate commerce, not the states. Imagine of the offensive product in question was refined sugar, and the governor of NY said that any banks in NY that did business with ConAgra was going to be audited by state regulators.
    Put another way, if gun manufacturers in Kentucky or New Hampshire were dependent on NY banks for capital, and NY decided to persecute those banks because the governor of NY has a problem with guns, the only resort is to the feds. It is a violation of federalist principles for NY government to attack business in another state.

  4. I was considering the logistics of a peaceful succession of states from the union.

    There’s a lot to consider: monetary, military, trade…

    But then I remember that Soviet satellite states made the transition fairly painlessly and successfully.

    I’d really prefer a friendly parting of ways, but in any case, and including any and all suffering it might incur, I think it’s going to happen relatively soon.

    Speaking for myself, I don’t want to share a country with these leftist POS.

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  6. MP
    Since the Fed controls the nation’s money supply and since U.S. currency can be used to “pay all debts, public and private”, I guess one could argue that the states can’t engage in practices like NY is doing.

  7. Or is Cuomo using this precisely to avoid the question of political corruption all around him, Scott? It reminds me of all those times that a scandal would break in the Obama years, but amazingly a new bright shiny object would come up just as the first one was getting legs. Shocking coincidence, that.

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