Let’s Talk About Julia Coleman

Longtime friend of the Northern Alliance and this blog (and backup singer on my album) Julia Coleman has thrown her hat in the ring to run for City Council in Chanhassen.

She could use a few bucks – here’s her website.

And if you’re in Chanhassen, or anywhere in the area, she could use any other support you have to offer.

Let’s help get her into office!

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Julia Coleman

  1. Not to hijack this post, Mitch, but in case no one saw this, a woman named Jennifer Zielinski is running for the GOP to replace Hakeem Ellison. I heard her on the other conservative station this morning, along with Bob Anderson, who will be in the primary against Karin Housley. I’m starting to turn away from Karin, because she won’t debate another GOP candidate. I know that we shouldn’t be eating our own, but right now, he and Newberger are my choices.

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