10 thoughts on “Just Not Your Day

  1. The robbery hoodie.

    Yet another example of a whyman appropriating black culture.

  2. I love the older guy in the blue shirt who walks in front of the store while this is going on, looks in, and decides to keep right on walking.

  3. What Bosshoss says. Hint; when there are several workers who would plausibly fit in at a biker bar around you, you want something more persuasive than a knife to carry the day.

  4. Night Writer: So much fun going on in the background, in addition to the guy that walks past like it’s a daily occurance. At 38 seconds in, there’s a guy putting on latex (or nitrite) gloves. So many questions about why he’s putting on sterile gloves. Also, around 55 seconds, the guy in the baseball cap leans in, gives him about 5 punches to the head, leans back, and then back in for a few more punches. Was he tired? Was this set to music, and he had a big bass drum part?

  5. Guy, using broom handle to poke in a few times. Then, finally, at about 1 minute in, the one guy finally decides to call the police.

  6. SMH: I noticed the latex gloves as well, and wondered if perhaps the guy they were beating on was bleeding and he suddenly was concerned about getting a disease. And why did he have gloves on him? Was he a paramedic appreciating the chance to be on the front-end of the call for a change?

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