I Hate To Indulge In Schadenfreude

But when it comes to our spoiled, entitled left’s whining, whinging, childish mewling over the retirement of Anthony Kennedy – the worst I’ve heard since election night?


…the more I read…

…and the harder I laugh…

…not to mention their selective grasp of reality…

…Well, I have to say…

I was wrong.  I do love schadenfreude.  

18 thoughts on “I Hate To Indulge In Schadenfreude

  1. My exact thought when reading about the Lefts meltdown yesterday, I even used that word to myself

  2. Mayors of liberal cities have made needle distribution a fixture of liberal concern. I think we should return the favor, now.

    Let’s set up razor blade distribution centers in all the major US cities, to give these poor slobs sweet release.

  3. Wanna see something hilarious?

    Just watch as virtue signaling leftist reprobates abandon all teh poor chidrenz in Trump’s Nazi death camps to fight like Sturmtruppen to protect their right to have Dr. Mengele rip babies out of the womb and sell the parts for experimentation.

  4. When Kennedy was nominated by Reagan, liberals feared that doom and gloom was upon us, the end of civil rights, no more abortion. That didn’t happen. He abided by the law. I expect his successor to do the same.

  5. How do you stock up on abortions? It is as if Michael Black is trying to prove that a total ignorance of biology is necessary to be a liberal.

    (and a number of other subjects, I guess)

  6. BB, I dont call them liberals, liberals still believe in and will defend your right to free speech. They are leftists. It is a important distinction and a huge difference.

  7. POD, point taken, and if it weren’t for an attempt to maintain good manners, I’d go towards “dingbats.” No insult intended to dingbats, of course.

  8. Eh I prefer to stick with accurate descriptions, Ill save the childish name calling for people who deserve it.

  9. “Eh I prefer to stick with accurate descriptions…”

    That’s why I abandoned “moonbat” for “reprobate”.

  10. Off topic rant.

    I’m tired of The Man in Black flipping Dunning-Kruger off, and now I want to toss Commies from helicopters. But the webpress graphics interface is some third party deal, evidently run out of a third world shit hole, that I can never log into without a lengthy process of changing passwords. We also cannot imbed pictures or video.

    For the love of Gawd, Merg, what about joining the 21st century? We need to be agile, stick and move. There’s a fight coming, and I want to incite it properly.

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  12. Why would Roe v. Wade be in danger? Isn’t it an obvious and necessary bedrock principle of American constitutional government? Wouldn’t over-ruling that case bring down the entire nation?

    Leftists are acting as if that case was nothing more than pure political power forced on an unwilling populace, same as the gay marriage case that Kennedy decided.

  13. From a purely legal standpoint I believe Roe V Wade is the second worst decision SCOTUS has ever made, only behind Plessy V Ferguson which set the civil rights movement back 50 years. It took 50 years to reverse “seperate but equal” and it will take 50-60 years to reverse legalized abortions nationwide, it will eventually go back to being a state issue, like it was before Roe. So it should be overturned in the next 7-10 years probably/

  14. pod
    A fundamental tenet of Roe is viability. The necessity to revisit Roe is growing rapidly in the labs of Animal Sciences Depts in universities and private research labs around the country. Once full course viability external to the womb is established (and brought to market) in the animal husbandry field it will be transitioned to the realm of human reproduction at which point Roe will fail.

  15. I’d love to see Roe overturned, but even more, I’d love to see people simply refusing to fund abortionists with tax dollars. I’ve done the calculations myself, repeatedly, and as long as people are reluctant to hire abortionists to do other medical care–I sure am and my wife sure is–abortion can never pay the bills outside of big cities. In the big cities, a huge portion of clients are poor.

    We could end up keeping Roe, but end most abortion, simply if we removed tax subsidies. It is that simple.

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