Poll: MItch Berg Thinks 41% Of Americans Are Overly Optimistic

Rasmusson poll says 59% of Americans think “Trump Haters” will resort to violence:

And, added Rasmussen, 31 percent believe “it’s likely that the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years.”

The new polling evidence of fear in the country over political division follows the harassment of three top Trump aides, including spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, ordered out of a southern Virginia restaurant, and senior adviser Stephen Miller whose condo drew protests from liberals.

It also follows a call by liberal California Rep. Maxine Waters to bring pressure to Trump officials when in public and urgings from legal experts for Trump aides to apply for concealed carry permits and buy guns.

Having seen “Anti-Fa’s” handiwork – un-“othering” political violence for the left – I am becoming more and more inclined to agree.

6 thoughts on “Poll: MItch Berg Thinks 41% Of Americans Are Overly Optimistic

  1. Maxine Waters better be careful, issuing calls for violence against people on the other side. That’s the kind of thing that — gets you elected President.

  2. Theres no think about it, I know when I wear my KAGA (Keep America Great Again) hat in 2020 I will be assaulted. I will spend the next 2 years perfecting self defense techniques so I will drop any leftist who tries to hurt me.

  3. I’m waiting for our new SCOTUS to rule that throwing Commies out of helicopters is a right protected under the Constitution.

    Warm up the choppers.

  4. One of these days, an Antifa wearing a face mask and swinging a bike lock is going to run into a 9mm, won’t the left howl then?

  5. I know when I wear my KAGA (Keep America Great Again) hat in 2020 I will be assaulted

    Just make sure your retaliation stays with the martial (hand) arts and doesn’t include a firearm. I could see an overly ambitious big city MN prosecutor trying to make the case that by wearing such an inflammatory item of clothing, you were seeking to incite a response, and that is one of the things you are not allowed to do for a DGU to be considered a good shoot. You’re not allowed to shoot someone if you’re in a bar and shove that person and he returns and escalates the attack. I can’t imagine it would be a stretch for Liberal Dem Anti-Trump DA or county attorney to try and make the claim that merely wearing an article of clothing with a Trump slogan on it is, by itself, inflammatory and purposefully trying to incite a violent reaction.

  6. Bill I plan on learning Krav Maga over the next 2 summers, any self defense will be done with my hands and I wouldnt ever imagine using lethal force thats insane.

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