The Fix Is In

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The sex problem in the Catholic Church was caused by gay priests preying on altar boys.  That’s not pedophilia (dirty old man and young girl), that’s pederasty (gay man and young boy), which is a crime and also a sin.  The behavior went on for years while the Church hierarchy actively covered it up, denied it happened, took the predators’ side against the victims.  The congregation at large believed the people in authority and dismissed allegations as wicked gossip and ridiculous conspiracy theory.

There have been rumors floating around for a couple of years that sex with children is rampant in certain corners of politics.  Bill Clinton rode the Lolita Express (a charter flight to a private island where underage sex is supposedly available).  Anthony Weiner’s texts.  A pizza parlor in New York that sold no pizza but sent a lot of children on deliveries.  Child porn found on computers that also were used to leak classified data.  Celebrity suicides for no apparent reason but who are linked to people accused of promoting child sex.  At this point, the politicians deny it happened.  The FBI seems to be covering for certain well-connected people.  The media dismisses the allegations as wicked gossip and ridiculous conspiracy theory.  And ordinary people still believe the people in authority.

I’m getting a sick feeling in my stomach.

Joe Doakes

My big worry is that we – all of us – are getting so desensitized that the level of what it takes to shock us is approaching meaninglessness.

2 thoughts on “The Fix Is In

  1. The official blind eye to the many grooming gangs in the UK until actually forced to deal with them and then only on a one-at-a-time basis combined with the strange over-reaction with the jailing of Tommy Robinson, among other things, has been seen by some as part of a larger conspiracy in the UK that includes many powerful people who are pedophiles.

  2. Joe, probably the better differentiation between pedophilia and pederasty is that the former involves a pre-pubescent victim, and the latter involves a sexually mature adolescent victim. And in that light, the main reason I can think of that you and I don’t carry on with teen girls is not because none of them are attractive. It is because they are, for many reasons, off limits.

    And yes, I would agree that we can apply that to other situations of “man-teen lust”. Some people with a given “sexual attraction template” learn to control their impulses. Some do not. There is, moreover, a legitimate question about which individuals manage to control their impulses, and why.

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