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  2. For those who know nothing of geography nor the reach of broadcast media, signals from Duluth beam out across three swing states: Michigan (UP), Wisconsin and the teetering on the edge of red, Minnesota.

  3. The NY Post sacked this POS a couple of months ago for his mindless tweets. Then the court threw out his wrongful termination lawsuit against the paper with prejudice. Is he trying to pad his resume in search for new employment?

    I see that Sleazy Rider (Peter Fonda) is working the tweet machine in his despicable attacks and call to harm Baron Trump, Homeland Security Sec Nielsen, and Sarah Sanders. He must be trying to fill the theatre seats for his new movie “Boundaries”. I’m sure the movie producers are pleased with his outbursts. Will he be surprised by the imminent visit of the Secret Service?

  4. I swear this tweet will be used in a Trump re-election ad. It really is mind numbing how cluess some people are and Duluth isnt exactly a backwards area. its the 3rd largest city in the state. But people who tweet this stuff have utter contempt for people in flyover country. I say let them.

  5. Jane Fonda: “Let me run that anti-aircraft gun, Uncle Hi!

    Peter Fonda: Hold my beer, sis.

  6. Wait, isn’t Duluth a DFL stronghold? And this dude is calling Duluth a nest of “hillbilly jerkoffs”?

    I’d say that there’s a campaign ad in here somewhere.

    ps. Fired by the NY Post of all places for out-of-bounds statements? That’s an exceptional kind of special to get fired by them. “H&K Partners Wealth Management” Managing director? For both dollars?

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