Maybe It’s “Common Core” Biology

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Two boys won the Connecticut state track meet.  The Girls track meet.  It’s “controversial.”  It shouldn’t be.

A human being having two X chromosomes is biologically Female, while a human having one each X and Y is biologically Male.  This is Sex, it’s science, it’s universally agreed to be true.

Over the last 5,000 years, human civilizations developed acceptable roles for members of the sexes.  Women raised children, men hunted and fought.  These were Gender Roles.  Until very recently, these were universally agreed to be sensible and appropriate.

The biological difference in chromosomes results in physical differences in reproductive organs, musculature, and hormones, Male and Female sexes.  Then societal difference results in differences in behavior, Masculine and Feminine.  Sex led to Gender but they are not identical and not interchangeable.  An individual biologically Female human may reject playing with dolls (training to raise children) preferring to roughhouse with boys (training for war) but being a Tomboy doesn’t change her from being a Girl.

All human attributes are distributed on a bell-shaped curve so yes, some women are stronger than some men; but at the competitive end of the curve, women simply cannot physically compete against men.

And everybody knows it.  That’s why there are two leagues, Men’s and Women’s.  That’s why Anika Sorenstam competing in the PGA was a publicity stunt.  That’s why John McEnroe was entirely correct to say Serena Williams is a great women’s tennis player but wouldn’t stand a chance against the top men’s tennis players.  She wouldn’t.  You can see the difference for yourself – watch Boy’s state championships in any sport, then watch the Girls’ championships in the same sport.  Boy champions are always stronger and faster than Girl champions.

Boys claiming to be pre-operative transgender Girls have been winning athletic contests in the Girls division for the last few years, in Alaska in 2016, in Connecticut last year, and two of them came in first and second in Connecticut this year.  They are defended by LGBTQ activists who point out transgender people have hard lives because of societal expectations on dress, behavior and even bathroom use.  Maybe so, but that doesn’t address the biological advantage of being born Male but competing against Females.  Defending against Biology using the defense of Societal Role is bait-and-switch.  People who refuse to acknowledge biology are science deniers.

If biological differences justify having two different leagues, then gender preference is irrelevant and those boys should go back to being losers in the Boys’ State meet.  Otherwise, if we let them compete against Girls, then there are no Girls’ sports anymore, there are only Boys’ sports – some won by boys who admit it, and some won by boys who pretend not to be.

Joe Doakes

I look for the quality of WNBA basketball to improve a lot in about a decade…

11 thoughts on “Maybe It’s “Common Core” Biology

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  2. This is why leftist media in the Twin Cities are so quick to fawn over the Lynx. It’s females succeeding in a male dominated sport!!!…(against other females, shhhh).

    They are loath to admit it, but the level of play is about on par with a boys high school b-ball team and if it weren’t for bull dykes and empty sack, virtue signaling soy bois the stands would be empty.

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; at some point, somebody’s girlfriend or daughter is going to get hurt on the basketball court, and the “girl” who inflicted the injury with a “good clean check” while being 50 lbs heavier and twice her strength is going to learn the hard way what a blanket party is. We segregate games by gender for a reason.

  4. Bike Bubba, my Asperger’s just kicked in, I must respond to your comment, can’t help myself.

    We do not segregate by gender (Masculine and Feminine), we segregate by sex (Male and Female). The most prancy, light-loafered sissy-boy is still a boy, still has a male’s musculature and stamina, even if he chooses not to use it.

    I think it’s absolutely critical to insist on using the right terms in this discussion, because the Left is intentionally trying to confuse the issue by using the wrong term.

    A biologically Male human has no place on a Women’s team, regardless of his gender preference.

  5. I’m wondering why the libidiots mantra of fairness, is so distorted here. Oh, wait! Sorry! We’re dealing with left wing lunacy.

  6. I agree with you Joe, 100%. And if no one objects, I’d like to add another deliberate linguistic obfuscation that the left has been perpetuating to cover the asses (pun intended) of one of their core constituencies.

    The Catholic church has had a sexual abuse problem; it’s called pederasty, not pedophilia. It’s a problem because the Church is infested with homosexuals into the highest offices of the Church.

    The reprobate left was presented with a conundrum. They naturally wanted to bash the Catholic church, but how to do it without admitting it was their own doing the dirt? Easy; get the MSM to do what they do best; misrepresent the truth.

    The Democrat party has the same problem and so does Big Gay. The founder of the Human Rights Campaign, Terry Bean, was arrested and charged with buggering an underage boy and filming it. The leftist MSM (when the covered it at all) called it a case of pedophilia. (The charges were dropped when Bean paid off the kid…hey, it’s Oregon what are ya gonna do?).

    It’s *not* pedophilia. It’s homos doing homo stuff.

  7. And another thing.

    LGBTQ? No.

    It’s Homosexuals (both sexes), Indiscriminate debauchees, Gender dysphoria And Yahoos looking for attention.


  8. oh dear God that last sentence is a hanging softball for me to crush. but I wont.

  9. unlike the catholic church no one seems to pay attention to the predations of the malefactors in our public schools who, coddled and protected by the DFL and their union, go unremarked. Here’s an example that doesn’t make it into the twin cities press, in fact its only in the Duluth paper because its a story about a local boy gone bad:

  10. Pig, there is no upside to bashing public schools. Its lose all the way down for leftist reprobates. They’ll cover it up until kids are being raped in the school yards.

    Bashing the CC was too good not to take the risk. Public school kids are on their own.

  11. Regarding Swiftee’s comment, apparently 85% of victims of priestly molestation were teens at the time, and would have had the clear signs of physical and sexual maturity. The correct classification is pederasty, not pedophilia. Draw your own conclusions about the perpetrators, maybe looking up what they did with adult males or not.

    Regarding Pig’s comment, I actually can cut teachers some slack. In sex ed, they’re being told, simultaneously, to present materials encouraging teens to cast off restraint–Planned Parenthood’s “Teenwire” site is a litany of “wow, people actually do that?” and “that is really sick”–while simultaneously conforming to their own employment contracts’ requirements which at times make Victorian mores seem rather liberal in comparison–e.g. strong discouragement of dating anyone at work. It’s a huge amount of cognitive dissonance they need to deal with.

    Back to the topic, same thing regarding gender-disphoric teens. They have the assignment of helping teens achieve mature adulthood in their sex while simultaneously enforcing rules that question the very notion of biological sex. It’s like C.S. Lewis noted; “We castrate, and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

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