Yes, In Your Back Yard

A friend of the blog writes:

Saw this on Twitter. Tweeted from someone living in San Francisco. But, retweeted by someone living in St Paul.

Funny thing- I think both cities have most of those things.
I doubt either the original poster or the retweeter choose to live near those places.  Just like public transit, this list seems like a Yes in somebody else’s backyard.

That’s the thing about creeping socialilsm; it’s always inflicted on someone else.

4 thoughts on “Yes, In Your Back Yard

  1. What these slobs are saying is, “We want to live in a Sao Palo slum!”

  2. I had to look up dockless bikes. I’ve been riding for quite a long time, and have never heard of a docked bike. I guess they’re like the nice rides, except you get to leave them wherever you want. Which, apparently, has people stealing them, turning them into art, throwing them in the streets/creeks/rivers. Kind of like those smart car rental cars for short trips that used to be in MN before they realized the taxes on rental cars here made it unfeasible. And would have to get plowed around in the winter, since they got left on the wrong side during snow emergencies and wouldn’t get towed. Anyhow, I’m fine without dockless bikes.

    What I couldn’t figure out is the people who have served their time. In prison? In the military? In entry level jobs to learn a skill and be able to make more than minimum wage? Taking a clue from the other items, I’m guessing prison. So, surrounded by ex-cons, with used needles and public toilets all over the place – sounds like the rent there would be cheap.

  3. I”ll believe these guys actually believe this when they move from Lake Nokomis to North, or better yet from Edina to the South Side of Chicago. Just sayin’.

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