Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Screenshot from this morning.


Tommy Robinson put in deadly peril for protesting Muslim child-rape gangs who sexually abused thousands of real girls; Congress about to ban child sex robots used by perverts who hurt no living person.  Protecting evil while punishing fantasy.  Insane.

Hard to know who to want to smack, some days.

7 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. In America, it is only permissible to abuse children if they are cross dressed first. We’re civilized.

  2. Um, wouldn’t a child sex robot be, in effect, child porn, and already banned? Not to mention seriously sick? I would hope that even the most hardened smut shop owner would say “um, no, that’s seriously sick, not gonna do it.”

  3. BB, in this Brave New World were in you have people arguing both sides, both with valid points. This is one where technology is way ahead of the legal system.

  4. Be nice, Swiftee. That kid is one of the people we’ll be depending on to pay our Social Security and Medicare in a few years. Don’t want to damage any fragile egos and jeopardize the gravy train.

  5. No Joe, that kid will be sucking up Medicare $ in a few years, and his age cohort will be on the hook to pay for his upkeep until he succeeds in bumping himself off.

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