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False rape accuser headed to prison:

Last year a young woman from Long Island who was attending Sacred Heart University in Connecticut came to the police with a harrowing tale. Nikki Yovino told the authorities that two football players from the school had trapped her in the bathroom at a party they were attending and raped her. Police immediately began investigating the horrible crime and quickly identified the suspects. They claimed that the sex was consensual but the victim was adamant. Or at least she wasadamant until others came forward to testify that the football players were telling the truth.

Eventually, Yovino retracted her story and admitted that she had engaged in sex with the boys at the party willingly. Later she decided to make up the rape story to win the support and affection of a different boy she had wanted to date. Then, in a shocking turn of events which we rarely if ever see in such instances of false accusations, Yovino was charged with a crime over her lies. Now, following a very generous plea deal, she’s heading off to prison. (Legal Insurrection and the College Fix)

Swine like this deserve, and should get, exactly the same sentence as the rapists themselves.

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  1. I did a bit of looking into things, and a huge problem with false accusations is the ambiguity of the term. As nearly as I can tell, the consensus today is that 2-8% of accusations are clearly found to be false, but the overall conviction rate after allegations of sexual assault is as low as 10-20%. So there is currently a huge portion in the general category “not enough evidence to convict the accuser of perjury, and not enough evidence to convict the accused of sexual assault.”

    I’d love to see clear cases of perjury punished harshly per Deuteronomy 19:16, but with the ambiguity in the evidence and the reluctance of prosecutors to prosecute for this, I’m not holding my breath.

  2. These women are sexual predators in every sense of the word. Any conviction of using sex as a weapon should require them to register as sex offenders.

  3. Just as a note for any Millenial or now Gen Z guys who read this blog (if there are any) dont hook up with a girl at a college party, period. Nothing good ever comes of it, ever. Im not being a prude and saying dont hook up, just not there. Those parties are always a disaster in that aspect.

  4. POD,

    In the early 70s, when I was attending UND while in the Air Force and Normandale when I got out, even though hooking up the same night you met a woman was the norm, I used to be very careful about doing that at frat parties. I was definitely a “dog” back then and did have a few one nighters with women I met in class, on base or in bars. Funny though, we never heard as many of these types of stories, or even stories of actual rape cases back then. Now, maybe it’s just that it wasn’t reported, but it does make one wonder.

  5. 27-30 STDs, a lot of them incurable and some of those are lethal, possibility of false or unsustainable allegations wrecking your life….I’ll be the prude here and say that, even apart from the Bible and other moral texts, one ought not hook up. If I want to dip my d*** in something lethal, there are a lot of other ways of doing so that wouldn’t be so darned painful.

    I am also guessing that #MeToo is going to get far beyond just colleges and entertainment, and some of that is a really good thing. Hopefully #MeToo is going to start working with the hundreds of thousands of women whose statutory rapes were not reported to authorities by Planned Infanticide, too. I will be popping popcorn when that gets going, and there is an outside chance I might know someone who might want to get involved.

  6. POD
    used to be at a college party you would look for the journalism/Kappa Tau Alpha chicks because, always desperate for approval, they were willing and easy. The downside was they tended to cling. Now having weaponized their clingy tendencies, they’re looking for a “story” and a opportunity to strike a blow for womyn everywhere. Avoid them like herpes, which is another reason to avoid them.

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