3 thoughts on “What Would Be Better Than “Buzzfeed’s” “Journalistic Reputation” Being Hung Like A Piñata And Beaten With Rebars?

  1. the precocious Ali Watkins self identifies as a “feminist” but now that she is on her way to being the town pump I doubt her journalism career will flourish. Mr Wolfe was too big a fish for first timer’s luck so it is unlikely he was the first source she “slept” with to get a story. Going forward everyone she’s likely to interview knows that she’s always good for “a bit of the other” and a reliable means of disseminating disinformation.

  2. You could make an absolute killing selling bridges in Brooklyn to those who actually believe that Buzzfeed is journalism. At this point, I’d put more faith in stories from the National Inquirer than Buzzfeed.

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