Berg’s Seventh Law In The Headlines

Berg’s Seventh Law: “When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character, humanity or respect for liberty or the truth, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds.”

Remember during the campaign, when Donald “The Donald” Trump’s history of sexist japes, braggadocio and womanizing went from being a Hollywood inside joke to grist for a desperate Clinton campaign to dig out of a hole?

Of course you do.  You couldn’t escape it.

And as I saw that unfolding in Hillary’s attempt to claw her way into office, I kept thinking;  “Yes, it’s about drawing attention away from Bill and her history of committing and abetting unspeakable horrors upon women to the winking and chuckling of their buddies in high lefty places”.

But I  also thought “it’s gotta be more than this”.

And with the juxtaposition of Roseanne Barr (whose show was tanked within a day of her racist jape on Twitter) and Samantha Bee (who will be a cause celébre on the left, just you watch), it became clear; the borg that is Big Left just doesn’t think their own (the “elite” at the top of the prog pile – the Clintons, Emmanuels, Feinsteins, Waterses and the like) can be guilty of anything.  

Case in point:

When you have a movement whose “elite” (koff koff) takes private jets halfway around the world to conferences where they tell everyone else to move into apartments and take transit? That sends its kids to private academies but hectors you for putting yours in a charter school? That parks its money in tax shelters run by rooms full of tax lawyers and tells you you’re unpatriotic for wanting your taxes lowered?

Who tell you “Misogyny is bad” while excusing…ugly stupid misogyny (in terms so patronizing and sexist that they’d have gotten any Republican politican exiled to rural Alaska)?

I guess I can see why they deflect to “Racism” when talking about why Trump won.

4 thoughts on “Berg’s Seventh Law In The Headlines

  1. As Schlichter
    said in response
    to this strange comment:
    You’re right, they aren’t compatible. Samantha just said words. Words you may not like but harmless words.
    Rosanne made a racist comment. A harmful tweet that hurts people.
    I shouldn’t have to explain this to you Sean, you Dull cunt.

    Here’s the thing… liberals agree with what Samantha Bee said.

    They keep telling you how they hate you, and they keep doing things that show that I’m right

  2. A harmful tweet that hurts people.

    Such a comment betrays the double-standards and logically bankrupt arguments of the Left. A tweet is just words.

    As a kid, my mom reminded me of “how sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.” Whenever I was called names or bullied on the playground, such advice from my mother allowed me to let childish taunts fall on deaf ears.

    And now we have a generation that seems mortally wounded by names. The difference? Today’s generation allow the words to have power over them. They’ve made themselves into victims.

  3. My favorite part of Bee’s rant was when she pleaded with Mrs. Kushner to wear something tight and low cut to influence her father, as if Ivanka never shows off her figure in public, and as if the Donald isn’t exposed to decollette of great quality often. Yup, his entire demeanor and decision making process will be changed by seeing a portion of his daughter’s breasts….maybe Bee thinks Joe Biden is the President?

    And Barr? When I saw that comment, I had to wonder on what planet she lives to think that was somehow funny or relevant.

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