Another Good Guy With A Gun

A motorist who shot a man acting erratically and aggressively – with a knife – after a traffic accident in Fridley last fall won’t be charged.  

According to the attorney’s office, Schiffler got out of his vehicle, grabbed a woman and began forcefully groping and kissing her. He also, the attorney’s office said, stabbed at the window of a nearby car with a 4-inch knife.

Another motorist unholstered his gun and told Schiffler to stop. According to the attorney’s office, Schiffler then raised his knife and charged at the man with the gun. The man shot him three times, and Schiffler died from his injuries.

“The evidence demonstrates the shooter had no reasonable ability to further retreat, given the physical surroundings, proximity of other people and the actions of Schiffler,” the attorney’s office said in a press release.

Gun-grabbers might say that’s not the same as “justifiable” homicide.  They’re right.  It’s better.  The cops and the county attorney believe there was no point in taking the case to court; nobody needs to prove it was justified.

I’d say “I love a happy ending” – but of course it’s not a happy ending; even insane and impaired people are human beings, usually with some sort of parents or sibling out there.

But then, so were the people that Mr. Schiffer threatended with a knife.

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  1. So, a 4-car accident and one of the “participants” gets out of his car, goes over to a woman to forcefully grope and kiss her? Do I have that correct? What was his role, if any, in the accident? Who is the woman? Another participant? Or just someone walking on the street? And a 4-inch knife? Is that the blade? Or the entire knife? If the latter, the guy’s threatening people with something like a Swiss Army knife?

    Oh, well, it occurred in Fridley which is in Anoka county where rednecks and other deplorables live, so I guess actual reporting is not necessary in this case for journalism majors. I guess I should quit be Mr Grumpy-guy and just be happy KSTP even reported this.

  2. The Strib article was clearer on the details – but also referred to the gun-owner as “gunman” and “shooter”. Those are technically correct terms, but also used to describe criminal shootings.

    Also worth noting, the gun-owner’s attorney said that his client was “Relieved, and looking forward to resuming his life.” I’m guessing he was also relieved of several thousands of dollars in defense fees and uncounted hours of lost sleep because of this. I hope he had insurance from United States Concealed Carry.

  3. The original Strib article from last February has many more details about the initial accident and the actions of the man who was shot and the other witnesses. It also describes how the gun-owner took the remaining ammunition out of his gun and then holstered it before sitting on the ground to await police. This was no doubt emphasized in his CCW training, though I think I would have strongly urged him to put the weapon on the ground or somewhere safe other than having it on his person when the police arrived.

  4. As NW mentioned I’m afraid of what the cost to the good Samaritan have been in attorney fees and other losses he may have incurred. Further to that what he may face in civil litigation.

  5. Samaritan wont get sued.

    But yes, he needed a defense attorney to manage the presentation of the information to the police such that it needed to be explained in a manner that conformed to self defense law.

    Maybe low 5 figures there.

  6. It was an easy case, maybe less than that… 4 figure attorney bill

  7. Not that I would own a scary gun that might start attacking people, but I have it from a good source that United States Concealed Carry’s insurance policy covers your legal fees for self-defense shooting, with no deductible. I don’t have the fine print handy.

  8. I’m guessing that when the first intended victim gave the gunman a hug for saving his life, that suggested pretty strongly to the police that they’d better recommend “lay off” to the prosecutor. I’m guessing a few other witnesses helped make a case that only Mike Nifong or Bob Mueller would ignore, too.

  9. jdm opined And a 4-inch knife? Is that the blade? Or the entire knife? If the latter, the guy’s threatening people with something like a Swiss Army knife?

    Excellent observation.

    I encourage you to investigate further. Please spend a few days approaching people with a Swiss Army Knife; be aggressive. Chances are, you won’t run into a CCW holder (personally, I’m so frightened by guns I don’t even know anyone who has one), but you might. For maximum efficiency, do your research in areas frequented by deplorables…Cloquet would be the perfect venue, I think.

    Report back to the group.

  10. My Victorinox has a blade of less than 3″ long. Most states forbid open carry of fixed blades longer than 3.5″, so I would have to guess if indeed the story is correct, what he had was a fixed blade cooking or hunting knife. Worth noting as well is that paring knives are generally 3.5″ long or less, so it was (if stories are correct) a fairly good looking blade.

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