Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun

Over the Memorial Day weekend “Protect” Minnesota just couldn’t help itself; they had to appropriate a solemn national observance to their mission:

Normally, something like this would end up in me wading into the fever swamp to smack them down.

Especially when you get people like this chiming in:

(Would someone please tell me what the “Right to be Safe” is?   Is it the same as the “Right not to have a car accident?”    There is no such right – merely a responsibility to drive carefully.  There is a responsibility to protect one’s self, family, property and community.  That’s it).

But the good part – and this was one of the highlights of a wonderful Memorial Day weekend – was that a swarm of Real Americans beat me to the fever swamp, and kicked the living s**t out of “Protect” Minnesota:

And it continued:

They weren’t even started:

Done?  Not on your life!

The hits kept coming!:

Biff Bang Pow!

Watch for “P” M to advocate for “Common Sense Opinion Control” if more of this sort of common sense breaks out:

If it’d been a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it long before this:

By this point, it was like the 3rd Quarter in the 1940 NFL Championship game:

Or maybe the carpet-bombing of Saint Lo:

And you know what the best part of it was?  With one or two exceptions, I didn’t know a single one of them.  There weren’t movers and shakers at Minnesota’s grass roots Real American groups.  They were regular schnooks who heard what a mockery the Reverend Nancy Nord Bence was making of a treasured American observance, and would stand it no more.

Among the best?

Nord Bence took the post down not long after that – hoping to drop it down the memory hole.

We’re still here, Reverend.   We never forget.

Oh, yeah – these are the people Tim Walz chose to cavort with before the last election:

Next time he says he’s the guy to bring shooters and criminal-safety advocates together as governor, remember this.

Anyway – for those about to rock who conclusively rocked Nancy Nord Bence’s complacent, entitled Urban Progressive Privilege – I salute you.

10 thoughts on “Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun

  1. I seem to remember a soy guzzling twaat named Gary Thompson from the old SPIF days.

    Is this the same soy guzzling twaat, or another soy guzzling twaat?

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  3. The people who insist that they are not totalitarians also insist that every social activity must be politically correct, and that the “personal is political.”

  4. What Gary doesn’t realize is, military service in and of itself doesn’t mean anything.

    I served, but I never did anything tens of thousands of others haven’t done. Certianly nothing I’m owed any thanks for.

    Neither did Gary.

    The difference between he and I is, he’s a stinking leftist that is actively working to undermine everything that made America the country worth fighting and dying for. Maybe he wasn’t a soy guzzling leftist twaat in the military, but he is now.

    As one veteran to another, Gary can go f himself.

  5. I have all the respect in the world for veterans. But it’s not a moral, ethical or rhetorical get out of jail free card.

    Gary’s a veteran. So was Karl Bremer. And Timothy McVeigh. And Adolf Hitler for that matter.

    It’s not just being a veteran; it’s what you do.

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  7. It is good to watch Capra’s Why We Fight film series from 1942. It was shown in theaters, but its main purpose was to explain to new recruits the reasons why were fighting World War Two.
    The US was fighting for:
    -Freedom of worship
    -Free labor
    The US was fighting against:
    -Military expansionism

    Not mentioned: LGBTQ rights, right to safety, right to abortion.
    Works for me.

  8. Holding in reverence those who have lost their life in service to this country (whether in direct combat or otherwise) has been a tradition going back to at least the Civil War period. The tradition of honoring the fallen goes back even farther in history. The likes of Bence pervert the meaning of the observance in order to promote their own agenda at the expense of those who mourn the loss of the souls who served. She should have done more than take down her post, she should post her apology and pledge to never repeat such disrespect………Like that will ever happen.

  9. From Swiftee’s NYMag link:
    “It was for moments like these that Senator Mitch McConnell, in 2016, had engineered the unprecedented nullification of President Obama’s nominee to replace Scalia,”
    Like Obama’s ‘unprecedented’ airlift of cash to the Mullah’s? Or Obama’s unprecedented executive amnesty for illegal aliens? Or Obama’s unprecedented use of administrative rules to bypass congress?
    We are on to your game, liberals. We know why you hate freedom of speech and equality under the law.

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