This Is The Minnesota Gun Control Movement

Joe Campbell is a PR flak for an agency that does “work” for “Protect” Minnesota, Minnesota’s ghoulish gun-grab group.

Rob Doar is a friend of this blog, a married father and a guy who works his butt off for civil rights, having spent this past session lobbying, pretty much on his own time for the MN Gun Owners Caucus.  He’s one of the good guys.

This is what Joe Campbell tweeted about Rob:

It’s hard to have a civil debate with people who are garbage.


8 thoughts on “This Is The Minnesota Gun Control Movement

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  2. another example of the drug addled baby boomer legacy, this Scheiße für Gehirne, Mr Campbell, can spew whatever hate-filled nonsense he likes and the collective nods their heads approvingly because he said it better than they could have AND he’s “speaking truth to power”

  3. So, if I infer correctly, we should indeed disarm for people like Joe Campbell because once he and his ilk has our guns, they’ll totally respect any disagreements we might have with the rest of their agenda.

  4. I am still waiting to see the magical law(s) the Do-Gooders want to make that criminals will follow.

  5. So people on the left believe that people who have never killed anyone are murderers, while people who actually kill human beings are providing a valuable medical service.

  6. MP, the left glorifies death and is repelled by innocent human life. Consider their views on:

    Capital punishment
    Gun control
    Support for Palestine military attacks and not Israel’s self defense

  7. Come on, Joe Campell. Be a man and see if you can get DFL legislators to sponsor a bill to ban the murder weapons from the Texas killings. That’ll go over GREAT with the 800,000 Minnesotans who hunt deer, the 300,000 Minnesotans who get a small game license, and the ~ 200,000 Minnesotans with a carry permit.

    Come on. I.Dare.You.

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