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Over the weekend, Tina Flint Smith – former de facto governor of Minnesota, and currently finishing out Al Franken’s term and running to replace him this fall – had this to say on getting (shock of shocks) the endorsement of Education Minnesota.

Read it and pass it around:

Was it Will Rogers who said sometimes politicians slip up and tell the truth?

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  1. Reminds me of a post on my blog from 2005:

    A hard lesson

    This is the beginning of a much more in-depth education program, in which we tell our members why and what Wal-Mart does — not just to small towns, but to workers,” said Louise Sundin, president of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers. (Strib: Twin Cities teachers unions push Wal-Mart boycott)

    Honest, Mom, I wasn’t doing anything. I was sitting in my American History class and Ms. Wolverton was talking about the founding fathers, and when she got through telling us about the first president — Samuel Gompers of the American Federation of Labor, that is, so you know I was paying attention — she told us to take out our Diversity Journals and write about what it would feel like to be beat up by cops employed by fatcat capitalists and to not have health insurance besides.

    So I was opening up my backpack when it slipped – honest! – and everything spilled out on the floor. Well, not everything, because I was able to catch my iPod, you know, and then the Wolf, I mean, Ms. Wolverton points at the floor next to me and says, really mean-like, “What’s that?”

    Well, I look down and I say, “Nothing Ms. Wolverton, that’s just the condoms they gave us in third period today.”

    “No,” she says, “What’s that?”

    Then I say, “You mean this flyer about what time Tuesday morning we’re to catch the school bus to take us to the state capital to protest for higher education spending?”

    “No!” she says, and now she’s really mad. “That looks like one of the new Trapper Keepers that Wal-Mart is advertising in the newspaper! How dare you bring something like that to school?”

    “Hey, it’s not mine,” I said. “Someone must have stuck that in there just to get me in trouble, probably during Conflict-Resolution class!” Really, Mom, that Billy Swedberg is sooo passive-aggressive.

    So anyway, now Ms. Wolverton is all, “shopping at Wal-Mart is the first step to economic servitude, and how buying a Trapper Keeper seems innocent enough now but, like, the next thing you know I’ll be listening to talk radio and voting Republican,” you know? Then she says something like, “someday when you’re working 70 hours a week for $1 you’ll wish you’d paid more attention in class.” Well, I didn’t really know what to say to that, but she gave me the idea, so I said, “I’m sorry, my ADD is acting up – what was the question again?”

    Well, that seemed to calm her down and I thought it was all going to blow over when she says, “I don’t know what people are looking for when they go into a den of iniquity and social injustice like Wal-Mart.”

    OK, Mom, I knooow I should have kept my mouth shut, but I wasn’t really thinking because I was still so nervous, so I said, “Good values?” And that’s when she went ballistic and told me I knew I wasn’t allowed to use that kind of language in school and that I had to go to the principal’s office and they were going to call you to come and get me.

    So, am I in trouble?

  2. Our educational system is about more than just learning…

    Ms. Smith misspoke.

    Our educational system is not about learning at all.

  3. There is a reason why Bill Ayres joined the educational establishment.

  4. One of the reasons I am not a Libertarian is that they favor ideology over results, every time.
    They are ideologically committed to abolishing the public school system.
    Yet private schools are as ideologically left wing as are private schools. The SJW agenda has thoroughly infected private schools at all levels from kindergarten through grad school.
    The way to fight this is to make schools answerable to the parents and taxpayers who fund the public schools, not the education establishment.
    Public school teachers & administrators turn pale at the thought of being responsible to the people who pay their salaries. That should tell you something.

  5. MP, while I am a Libertarian at my core the libertarians that are my friends on Facebook piss me off, especially the ones who support Libertarian candidates in elections, which is beyond idiotic. And as someone who went to Private, Catholic schools k_12 that is 100% true. even when I was in high school (BSM 2001-2005) I could see the early SJWs creep into it, only thing is that there were pro-life. Ironically I was a pro-choice Republican at the time so none of it worked for me, and I battled teachers then, it got ugly on a few occasions but I dont regret it at all.

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  7. So it’s not a lack of focus, it’s just focusing exclusively on things outside the set of tasks you’re hired to accomplish.

    I’m amazed these people get anything done right. They have to work around their leadership, not with them, to get things done.

  8. That slob earned her stripes selling baby parts…You think shilling for union thugs that rake cash in by pawning the educations of living kids would give her pause?

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