2 thoughts on “Spiral

  1. The saddest and most destructive thing about Ms. Heidtkamp’s career hopes is having to hide who she is. Voters sense this in a candidate and it drives their distrust.

    If she would simple come out as who she is, she may still face defeat – but it would be less humiliating.

    I can think of a Minnesota congressman who is running for governor, who is also running from the positions he took to get to Washington.

    Mr. Walz….try as you might, the dreamsickles will never forgive you for being who you once pretended to be.

    The same can be said for Republicans who wrap themselves in Democratic clothing – begging for the votes that are not there or at least a pat on the head from their betters.

  2. Ms. Heidtkamp will have more problems, if her opponent seizes on it. Her name was on a list of Democrats in Congress that voted against lowering drug prices, while taking money from Big Pharma.

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