Play Progressive Games, Win Progressive Prizes

Dario Anselmo is the lone Republican representing Edina.

Now, considering the Democrats that run in Edina these days – Anselmo beat Ron Erhardt, after all – it might be fair to say that of the options available, Anselmo passes the Buckley test (the most conservative candidate who can win) under the circumstances.

But as we’ve noted in the past, Anselmo is a prominent turncoat on the gun issue.  He’s one of few Republicans found at Moms Want Action events; the sole gloss of “bipartisanship” in the extreme-left gun control movement.

But if he’d hoped that his accomodationalism would buy him any favor from Big Gun Grab (a wholliy owned subsidiary of Big Left?)

Well, what do you think?

For Anselmo, a bitter lesson was learned this week when, after months of supporting limits to Second Amendment rights in order to curry favor with far left gun control advocates “Moms Demand Action,” his opponent, Heather Edelson, was effectively endorsed. Heather wears pearls; you can’t say she doesn’t know Edina. But this endorsement puts paid to the idea that if Republicans only find the illusory “common ground” with the other side, they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Moms Demand Action is part of “Everytown for Gun Safety,” a radical gun control group largely financed by Michael Bloomberg.

So he danced with the devil, and didn’t even get his thirteen pieces of silver, apparently.

Anselmo was frequently the lone Republican at Moms’ rallies at the State Capitol. This garnered him the approval of Democrats in the media like Lori Sturdevant but at the cost of discouraging his base, for which one could be forgiven in thinking Anselmo believes he doesn’t need.

Having contempt for the people who put you there – even if you don’t really know that – is a bad, bad plan.

Question: wonder if Lori Sturdevant will castigate the Action Moms for their lack of bipartisanship?

7 thoughts on “Play Progressive Games, Win Progressive Prizes

  1. Look for this loser to jump into the reprobate basket.

    I wonder though, is Mssr. Berg re-thinking his off stated opinion that holding firm to our values is a losing proposition for conservatives? Is the gun issue your ephinany moment?

  2. The last paragraph and sentence:

    I interviewed Bill Whittle last week and for Republicans like Anselmo I can’t do any better than his concluding sentences: “Civil discourse is not going to happen. Anything you do to show goodwill toward these people is simply another weapon that they’ll use against you. Not descending to their level sounds great as an operational theory. While it would be nice to fight honorable people honorably, they’re not. You have a choice now of either fighting them on their level or losing.”

    The only question remaining is how long it will take for Minnesota Republicans to wake up to this truth.

    I’ve been silently screaming this for more than a decade. Too many times I’ve heard Republicans say “I’m not taking the low road, nor compromising my ethical standards.” And every time I want to respond “Then you might as well quit now and save your time and money because the left has no ethical standards to compromise, and you will almost surely lose.”

  3. I read Alpha News regularly, but I had not seen this piece.

    This pissed me off.

    Id like to question an MRP staffer about this BS on my dime, but I’m persona not gratia at NewsCunt so Bob Collins is out of my reach; at least in so much as I’m not willing to put out the effort to contact him.

    But you are one of Bob’s pals, Mitch. Care to confront him?

  4. Bill C
    to your point, what Trump does is not descend to their level but manipulate them at their level. An example, Trump is a BS artist, so during the campaign he tweeted BS non-stop and it forced the left & MSM to respond – net result the MSM lavished nearly half a billion $ of air time on him that he didn’t pay for. By constantly manipulating them he makes the left carry his water. Trump understands that civil discourse is anomalous at best so he eschews it for the most part. That is a lesson that down-ticket Republicans should take to heart – read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and make it their campaign playbook and have fun doing it.

  5. Swiftee Bot,
    MPR is currently undergoing an internal Stalinist purge (see recent Keillor stories and Board member expulsion) and the Beria-style hardliners are winning, Collins, possibly because of his occasional lapses into rationality may be dealing with a recently issued sell-by date.
    But yes MPR has declared war on Hinderaker, CAE and Powerline.

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