The Russians Are Coming!

NPR’s exhaustive investigation has turned up – with the complete cooperation of the NRA – a link to the Russians!

$2,500 worth.

The National Rifle Association has accepted contributions from about 23 Russians, or Americans living in Russia, since 2015, the gun rights group acknowledged to Congress.

The NRA said in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., unveiled on Wednesday, that the sum it received from those people was just over $2,500 and most of that was “routine payments” for membership dues or magazine subscriptions.

That’s less than one day of Chelsea Clinton’s “salary” when she was an NBC “correspondent”.

Watch for this to become the biggest “scandal” per dollar transacted in American history…

…if the establishment media can help it.

21 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming!

  1. You just don’t know how serious of an issue it is that the NRA was taking membership money from U.S. citizens temporarily living in Russia.

    For that matter, neither do I. Carry on.

  2. I’m skeptical these figures include the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), which is the actual lobbying group.

  3. I’m skeptical these figures include the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), which is the actual lobbying group.

    So what? If the NRA-ILA is reminding lawmakers of what the Constitution says, what does it matter how much money comes from foreign sources? Those sources are more likely to be Americans living abroad than foreign powers trying to influence our government. Does it make sense that a foreign power with malicious intent would want American citizens to continue to have the freedom to arm themselves?

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for Sen. Wyden to take a similiar look at groups like Everytown, Moms Demand Action, etc.

  4. Emery, assume you’re right. So we are to do exactly what with data you concede we do not have?

    Really, the simple fact of the matter is that even if the entire NRA-ILA budget were derived from Russia, it merely comes to a fraction of what the Clinton Foundation received from Russian sources after Hilliary signed off on the deal giving power over 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to a Russian company. Just sayin’.

  5. Between 2012 and 2016 the NRA more than doubled their political spending at almost 1/2 a billion. They spent $30 million on Trump alone and $20 million on the GOP senate races.

    Their direct candidate spending in 2012 and 2014 was less than $50 million. Where’d they get the massive funding increases from?

    So the NRA received $2500 from “Russian individuals”. They need to come clean on the millions and millions the NRA received from Russian backed organizations.

  6. So the Russians are more interested in protecting Americans’ constitutional rights than the Democrats are?
    You are a funny person, Emery.

  7. OK, Emery, with zero evidence, you’re assuming that the NRA accepted millions from Russian sources knowingly?

    That’s called libel, buddy. Reality of the matter is that the NRA’s five million members pony up $25 apiece each year, and an awful lot of them knew that the NRA would stand up to Hilliary better than would the national GOP. Guess where their campaign funding money went?

  8. Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine recently said Bolton was unacceptable as NSA because he was taking money from the Russians for speeches at the same time Hillary’s husband was taking money from the Russians for speeches.
    Lot of lunacy on that side.

  9. I suspect the NRA received thousands of overseas donations from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, each about $200 and all made by charging pre-paid credit cards after they disabled the address verification requirement. Can’t give the money back now, there’s no real person to give it to.

    Nothing wrong with that technique, it’s the tried and true method used by President Obama, who is a Black man, so obviously, the only reason anybody would disapprove of his fundraising method is because you’re a such a colossal racist.


  10. IIRC, Canada accepted far more refugees from Eastern Europe than the US did after WW2. If you want to find Russian influence, you should probably look north of the 49th parallel (NW Angle excluded).

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