Forward To The Past

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

When I was in college, my PoliSci pro confidently assured me that land reforms in Rhodesia would lead to utopia.  13 years ago, Blacks living in Zimbabwe admitted it didn’t work out as planned, and were wishing they had White Men in charge again.

Today, Blacks in South Africa are dead-set on repeating their neighbor’s mistakes.

Whatever we do, America must NOT send any aid.  That would be imperialist aggression.  It would be interfering in their chosen culture.  Zimbabwean Blacks wanted out from under the White Man’s thumb, wanted to be independent and stand on their own.  They insisted they were ready to manage their own affairs, learn from their mistakes.  Who are we to judge the results?

Similarly, if South African Blacks want to take back their country and run it themselves – without any outside interference – then we ought to be fully supportive.  Go right ahead.  You’re on your own.

As for the White farmers who are losing their lands, well, I hear it’s nice in Australia.  Might want to move before the necklacing begins.

Joe Doakes

I’m tempted to say the same thing whenever I heard about “Democratically”-elected governments destroying their own nations – see Venezuela and Bolivia along with Zimbabwe and South Africa.

We warned you – but you did it anyway.  Fix it yourselves.  Still feel good, sticking it to the Yanqui?

3 thoughts on “Forward To The Past

  1. Bring the why peapulls back!

    Why is South Africa ignoring history? Because not every black African suffers under black African rule.

    There were hundreds of blacks that lived like kangs under Seko, Amin, Toure and the rest. But for all their wealth and luxury, they didn’t have two fucks to give between them for the plight of the country or their neighbors.

  2. One huge error in approaching difficulties in the developing world is that the left really has no appreciation for the fact that differences between “peoples of color” are every bit as big, and often quite a bit bigger, than the differences between “peoples of color” and Europeans. It’s rather ironic that this is the case, given that they’re the ones always pushing for more refugees who would be able to tell them exactly this, but it is yet the case.

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