Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The case for mandating gun ownership.   And why serving in the militia should be compulsory.
As a general rule, I react negatively to the suggestion that I should be required to do anything for the federal government.  But the point about civic virtue is important.  In a world where people think bacon comes from a store and cops shouldn’t be so mean when they arrest murderers, a little time spent patrolling the streets of your own town might open some eyes.
Who knows, maybe we could form a committee of citizens to maintain vigilance in the neighborhood.  Might be a good deterrent to crime.

Joe Doakes

I think public safety is like tax withholding; if you had to do it yourself, your point of view would be very different.

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  1. I still hold out the hope for town militias. You could get the able bodied guys together, do the requisite background checks, and then have retired officers do the training. Maybe the wives would put together a meal afterwards, giant block party.

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