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  1. Here’s another Meme for you.

    /Mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters sent to the Broward County jail, along with hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account.

    Teenage girls, women and even older men are writing to the Parkland school shooter and sending photographs — some suggestive — tucked inside cute greeting cards and attached to notebook paper with offers of friendship and encouragement. Groupies also are joining Facebook communities to talk about how to help the killer./

    “These letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation,” said Cruz’s lawyer.

    I disagree. These are troubled individuals with no moral compass and are identifying with a mass murderer. Much in the same way Charles Manson had his groupies. And the thing they have in common is the ability to carry on the work of their newfound role model/hero.

  2. As you noted, Emery, nothing new. I’ve attributed that for decades to two generations of milquetoast men who bring nothing of interest to a woman. In that light, even perverse masculinity paradoxically looks like an improvement.

    And really, let’s think about a general lack of masculinity in terms of why people are buying guns. In the Parkland atrocity, you had three or four police officers refuse to go in. You had a school district refuse to stand up to the DOJ and DOE in their “disparate impact” initiatives to point out they had real kids doing really criminal things. You had the local police failing to file even for public nuisance with somewhere between 22 and 45 police calls to his house.

    Not being able to depend on real men in government to do their jobs, real men elsewhere are taking things into their own hands. And that is a good thing.

  3. What I find interesting is the intense dislike for the kids protesting among pro-gun people. These people have never had to face the prospect of losing this argument before. They are not taking this at all well.

  4. Losing?

    What jdm said. Appeals to emotion, which it seems is all the gun-grabbers have, are logical fallacies. They don’t win the argument so much as drown out any rational discussion with rending of garments and clutching of pearls.

    What we dislike are the use of those appeals to emotion, and the distorted and falsified data that follows, to drive the setting of policy. Mr. Hogg has an impressive lack of command of the facts, which he seems to make up for in profanity-laced tirades against responsible gun owners and a prominent advocacy organization that bear no responsibility for a litany of things they’re attacked for. But that hasn’t deterred some in the media, such as CNN, from knighting him and his like-minded classmates as their darlings. Brian Stelter so much as admitted that he gave Hogg a platform to speak his mind while failing to fact-check him.

  5. Nothing new in how these kids are being seen. It’s simply that when people lack life experience and try to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, we remind them that they are 15 year olds who lack life experience.

    Hate? No, we cut people still using their sippy cups some slack. You’re still around, aren’t you, Emery?

  6. The pro-gun people aren’t losing the argument, you 55-gallon drum of bot vomit. The pro-gun people are objecting to the fascist “shut up, they explained” treatment they are getting from everyone involved, from Hogg and his pal Sinead, through Jake Tapper, and on through our local minders like the KARE bears.

    If I’m understanding the moment correctly (and no, I’m not looking for your cut-and-past reading of the situation, bot masterson), we’re at a point that you are not allowed to to refute a child’s argument, a dictum that is rarely applied when a child has a tantrum in the frozen food section of a supermarket. And if anyone listens to David Hogg for more than two minutes, it’s clear that he’s all about the tantrums.

  7. What hovers just beneath the surface of the youth movement is a very deep sense of despair among those children over the current state of politics. They will be of voting age soon, and this issue will likely stay in many of their minds when they enter the polling booth. 

  8. Regarding David “Boss” Hogg, I just looked up the controversy over his non-admission to UCLA and other schools, and he was trying to get into UCLA with a 1270 SAT, equivalent to about a 26 on the ACT. UCLA’s typical range is 27-33, which probably means that a caucasian non-resident needs to get about 30.

    If you inferred that his 4.2 GPA is an example of grading malpractice by his high school teachers, move to the head of the class. I would further guess that, given that he is reasonably well spoken, the math part of the SAT was his difficulty.

    In which case he is perhaps the very last well-spoken teenager you want trying to analyze the complicated data around the gun issue.

  9. “Mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is getting stacks of fan mail and love letters …”

    And Cecile Richards is on every wealthy reprobates A party guest list.

    The whole country is becoming awash in sub-humans at the same rate of decline in church attendance.

    Whether there is a God, or a flying spaghetti monster, faith in a higher power has worked to maintain a level of civility that is becoming rare.

    I’ve often joked that elite reprobates won’t be happy until we are all squatting over dung fires roasting rodents and sniffing female behinds to see if they’re ripe.

    Personally, I hope that is what happens to the Peoples Republic of America, after the United States of America separate themselves from it.

  10. Using a Black person to shill for the cause means every White person is disqualified from responding because . . . slavery.

    Using a Woman to shill for the cause means every man is disqualified from responding because . . . rape.

    Using a kid to shill for the cause means every adult is disqualified from responding because . . . punching down.

    Being prohibited from making an argument is not the same as losing the argument.

  11. Emery Inc:

    “Teenage girls, women and even older men are writing to the Parkland school shooter and sending photographs — some suggestive — tucked inside cute greeting cards ”

    This is nothing new, and not surprising.

    Every single guy on death row has a female fan club. Most of them have “girlfriends” on the outside. Some marry women while they’re on death row.

    If you think it’s just Cruz- it’s not.

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