3 thoughts on “My Personal Market Response

  1. I installed Lyft not too long ago for a trip to visit The Whore of Babylon (aka SanFran).

    I found out about their shenanigans in this case, and went through the cancellation procedure and told them exactly why. But I came to find out that they will not delete your data, they will only inactivate your account. I was not happy when I found that out. Creepy Leftist Big Brother company Lyft vs. unethical bro company Uber, what a choice!

  2. Well, I have a couple more rides left to take advantage of their $50 sign-up promotion. So they will lose money on me as right afterward I will go back to not using them.

  3. I thought you rode your bike everywhere, Mitch?

    (had to tease you as a fellow person not willing to bike on slick icy roads)

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