The Resistance

Silicon Valley has turned in to a de facto surveillance state, and is using its power to try to quash Conservative thought on the Internet.

The “#meToo” movement has harnessed the power of the Progressive Herd to co-opt what started as a good message (don’t abuse women!) into a policy bludgeon and a wedge used to shame, bully and censor dissent.

Conservative speech is actively squelched on campus, in many corporations, and in many community groups .

Big Left is relentlessly pimping a bunch of kids who, a month ago, were eating Tide Pods on Youtube, as the great unheard voices of wisdom on gun policy they clearly don’t understand in any way.

And the DC Establishment – Republican and Democrat both – have basically turned into the same, free-spending, debt-blind creature.

Sorry, libs;  the “resistance” in this country is entirely on the right.

4 thoughts on “The Resistance

  1. If the Democrats (Left) and Rockefeller Republicans (Right) are the same, then the resistance must be coming from the Alternative to the Left and Right — the Alt-Right.

    No wonder both sides are devoted to tarnishing the Alt-Right with smears of racism, sexism, the usual. Discredit, de-platform, disenfranchise, dispute . . . and still, people know the truth when they hear it.

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  3. Funny thing . . . now that Trump’s guy Mulvaney is HMFIC at the Warren’s CFPB, he’s dismantling a lot of its regs . . . Warren wants him to answer to congress, since she is a senator, but Warren designed the CFPB to be immune from congressional oversight. Hilarious.

  4. Ya know, given that there have been actual surveillance states in history, and given the results of such states, one would think that would-be “private NSAs” would think twice about participating.

    Unless someone made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, of course.

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