Count The Proposals…

…that the DFL, Dave Pinto, Linda Slocum, and the Dreamdicle Kids are pimping, that were already in effect in today’s Maryland school shooting:

  • People under 21 can’t possess a gun in Maryland.
  • Magazines over 10 rounds are banned (and appear to have been irrelevant, although Berg’s 18th Law is in effect).
  • “Universal” Background checks are in full effect.
  • Carry permits are rare and hard to get.

A good guy with a guh – in this case, a cop who did his job – apparently is the hero, here.

Not “commonsense gun safety reforms”.

8 thoughts on “Count The Proposals…

  1. An armed response stopped the threat. The shooter was shot, either by the officer or by himself.

    No bump stock, no AR-15. I’m going to go out on a limb (in the 48-hour period) and say there was no Wayne LaPierre poster in the shooter’s bedroom. (I’ll also speculate that this sounds like a romantic failure as opposed to a desire for infamy.)

  2. I guess the shooter didn’t see the Gun Free Zone sign, either. The moose out front should have told him.

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  4. Investigators were still looking into possible motives on Tuesday afternoon, but Sheriff Tim Cameron told reporters that he believed the 16-year-old female victim had a previous relationship with Rollins.

    This little snowflake isn’t to blame. He’d been rejected, evidently, and probably rejected without the proper grief counseling. He was crushed, poor thing.

    I blame the teachers union for sucking all the grief counseling money up.

  5. I’m aware Berg’s 18th Law is in effect. This is a tangential question.

    News is reporting the shooter used a Glock pistol (I have no confidence in that because to many reporters, every pistol is a Glock just as every long-gun is an AR). Whatever the actual brand name, I assume the usual suspects will start chanting to ban them as particularly deadly instruments of violence designed solely to kill on the battlefield and other similar dreck.

    That means we’ll all have to build Ghost Glocks from 80% frames. Anybody ever done it?

    Well, none of us, obviously, since guns frighten us and we’re ever so glad we lost all of ours in that rash of freak canoe accidents last year, leaving us with no guns to turn in when the gun-grab laws pass. What I mean is: anybody else we might have heard rumors about, who might have built one? How hard was it? Did the resulting product work well?

  6. Glock? Did you say Glock?

    Stand fast sir, and prepare yourself for a sound thrashing from the John Browning society for the preservation of Superior American Weapons.

    You shall certainly be hearing from those fine Americans who take it upon themselves to carefully maintain the US position of superiority in all things related to slinging hot lead, so that folks that are frightened of weapons, such as myself, do not have to undergo the trauma involved in such harrowing, yet completely necessary endeavors.

    Hrumph…Glock indeed.

  7. JD,

    While pheasant hunting in South Dakota last fall, we met a couple of men that were at an old gravel pit shooting what were allegedly ghost guns that they built. They claimed that they worked perfectly.

  8. Swiftee, I wouldn’t trade my Combat Commander for anything . . . except maybe a Les Bauer Thunder Ranch. So I’m with you on that.

    But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what happens After The Fall. Regardless of the cause – EMP attack, solar flare, Jews causing bad weather (according to a certain Democrat congress critter), or a stock market crash ala Trulbert! – when the American economy collapses and we’re all scrambling to defend our families, ammo is going to be the weak link. It breaks my heart to say it, but I’m convinced it’s going to be easier to scrounge 9mm from police and military and foreign black-market imports than to find .45 ammo. Similarly, the AR in 5.56 mm over any decent American rifle caliber, and replacement parts for the most common 9mm pistol in America, the Glock.

    Now, if you know where I can get my hands on a decent Browning Hi-Power for something less than I paid for my house, I’m all in. Until then . . . .

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