Open Letter To All Those “Spontaneous” High School Demonstrators

Dear “spontaneous” demonstration participants,

I was in high school once. And I remember how little I cared about the opinions of people my parents age.

But I was blessed to of gone to high school at a time when the teacher staff at my school included a fair number of Vietnam, Korea and World War II veterans.

And one of the unmistakable lessons we got, back in my teenage years, was that “having people pay attention to your opinion is something you earn”.

One does not “earn” this by appropriating other peoples sorrow; and it’s more than a little bit ghoulish to try

Bilge like this isn’t helping. You are wrong on every factual point, and I strongly suspect you’re not smart enough to listen long enough to figure that out.

That is all..

3 thoughts on “Open Letter To All Those “Spontaneous” High School Demonstrators

  1. Every time I see one of these sympathetic news articles with Democrats pandering to people throwing tantrums, I try a mental substitution to guess at their devotion to principles.

    If the student had demanded the committee take up legislation to restrict abortion . . . would the news article have been written in the same tone? Would party leaders give serious consideration to his demands?

  2. School of Environmental Studies senior Josh Groven…


    This worthless twaat will have a great story to tell during his internship at Starbucks.

  3. These are the kids who go to “school” at the zoo. I keep hearing that old tune “Swinging on a Star” in my head.

    Joking aside, I was on the way out of Cub and spotted the Roseville Bulletin on the free papers stand. Big write-up on kids walking out of school. “If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will?” Spokesman is a typical teenager – certain of the answers and impatient with grown-ups who can’t see how simple it is.

    Except they’re walking out to protest the Florida school shooting, but none of their standard DFL solutions would have prevented it. Mag limits, background checks, waiting periods, gun-free zones: worthless. So why are you marching for solutions that won’t solve anything? Think harder, kid.

    The one solution that might have worked is raising the age to own guns to 21, same as drinking, on the theory that these activities require mature judgment which 18 year olds lack. You know what else requires mature judgment? Deciding to conceive a child, or to terminate a child in vitro. Signing a student loan that will take a lifetime to repay. Getting a sex-change operation. Voting for a politician who promises you something for nothing.

    If you want to raise the age of majority back to 21, I’m all for it, but it’s got to be for everything. Whaddya think of that idea, kid?

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