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  1. Maybe the press could reassign some “journalists” from the Stormy Daniels comic opera to investigating how Trump managed to get the Israelis and the Arabs on the same page regarding Iran & it’s army of America-hating terrorists.

  2. —Threadjack Alert!—Threadjack Alert!—Threadjack Alert!

    I’m going to try and make this threadjack as short as possible, but I think Merg may appreciate it.

    Several years ago, a young woman named Robin Marty, a feminist, pro-infanticide blogger, posted a lengthy piece in support of partial birth abortion; Head crushing isn’t really all that bad, and, darn it, it’s necessary because muh choice!…par for the course. But then, she followed that post with an ultrasound of her unborn daughter…whoa, that’s something new.

    I did what any decent human being would have done; I photo shopped a helmet on that tyke’s head and posted it on my blog (damn, I wish I had that masterpiece right now).

    Outrage ensued in the leftist reprobate blogosphere, which was ripe at the time; my blog blew up and I received several heart warming emails. Robin mentioned my post at how-to seminars she gave to aspiring and practicing ghouls (poor me!!, I’m teh viktimz!!), which brought me nothing but joy.

    Mitch got involved on this blog, and while not supporting Robin or her ghoul army, he painted her black heart in pastels. She’s young; she’ll grow up; not all that bad. I was, and remain unmoved. Without redemptive contemplation, a black heart only festers.

    Fast forward to this morning. I get a link texted to me from a friend who watches twitter:

    It has since deleted the tweet in question, but nothing ever goes away on the internet:


    In case that link dies, it said:


    You know fetuses can’t scream, right? I transect the cord 1st so there’s really no opportunity, if they’re even far enough along to have a larynx.

    I won’t apologize for performing medicine. I’m also a “uterus ripper outer”, if that’s how you’d like to describe hysterectomy.”

    “Dr. Leah Torres MD”……Mother. Of. God.

    Evidently, it had an attack of shyness, certainly it was not conscience that led it to delete that foul comment. But being the inquisitive sort, I followed the link it put on it’s twitter account:


    And on the home page, up front and center?

    “Recently, the amazing Robin Marty wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan entitled “12 Things Every Woman Should Know About IUDs” regarding some common questions about intrauterine devices. I was privileged and honored to have been asked to contribute. Here I have outlined the skeleton Q&A she and I went through but I encourage everyone to read the original piece in Cosmo. Also, you may want to follow @RobinMarty on Twitter because she does great work for reproductive health matters. Oh, and read the book she co-authored with @Hegemommy: Crow after Roe: How “Separate But Equal” Has Become the New Standard in Women’s Health and How We Can Change That.”

    Aw…little Robin, all grown up.

    My point is this. Liberalism is a fetid swamp. The longer you swim in it, the harder it is to ever get clean. Ms. Marty is now a hero to monsters, there really is no other way to describe Leah Torres; she is a monster, and so is Robin Marty.

    We run into reprobate leftists from time to time, and may get to know them personally, but we must never forget what they are. And we must never give them the benefit of the doubt; they are what they seem to be.

    I now release control of this thread.

  3. Really, if the press are going to cover Stormy Daniels, maybe they could ask some serious questions about why she’s bringing this up just as she’s going on a tour of strip clubs across the country at $20/ picture with her. Maybe somebody could….find out if her going public might have something to do with financial issues or something.

  4. And this–the meeting of Arab and Israeli leaders sans PLO and Hamas representatives–is awesome news. It says “the Arab world is no longer monolithically in support of the PLO.” Wonderful.

  5. Say, anyone remember whenever Barry Sotero did anything, it was labeled “historic” by the greasy MSM? Remember when Barry was awarded a Nobel for “Hope”.

    If Trump secures an agreement between those parties, he will be virtually guaranteed a 2nd term, and a place in history. The only thing that could make it sweeter would be Hillary tripping down some crumbling stairs in some shithole country, like India.

    Winning? Man, that really doesn’t cover it, does it?

  6. Trump, Trump, … Trump.

    All he did was tell the reprobate Palestinians that, guess what, we’re not going to reward your intransigence anymore. We’ll recognize Israel and just stop caring to placate you. And we’ll cut your funding since you’re directly paying terrorist families for their work. Sure, when you’ve grown up enough to come back to the table, we’ll talk, but until then, we’ve got work to do. And since much of that work was stuff that the non-Iranian Gulf States need and want, they’ll live with it, even if they do make nominal protests about it.

    I could enjoy the Trump presidency far, far more if we could gag him and tear the Twitter keyboard from fingers, sure, but if having to listen to Trump’s every whim and random crude thought is the price to pay to get good governance, heck, I’ll pay it.

  7. Ah, Swiftee, I remember that thread well. Robin and her minions were so upset that you “attacked” her “baby.” It was quite amusing to point out to her that by her belief system it wasn’t a baby, just a growth or mass of cells, and not human, so how were you attacking a baby when it was just a non-human fetus?

    Strange how she left the comments section soon after that. You’d think she was emotionally attached to that set of cells or something.

  8. Swiftee, since you wanted a copy of your masterpiece, here’s the link: http://www.shotinthedark.info/wp/?p=833

    Key Mitch quote: “The line of good taste? Swiftee doesn’t just cross that line routinely; he beats it with an axe.”

    My response to flash’s indignation: “Bad Swiftee. You hit a liberal with a rhetorical Mack truck and made them sad and confused, and made them realize just how twisted their moral choices are. You should have used a 2×4.”

  9. Ha! Thanks NW. Dang, 11 years ago….
    …and an AngryClown appearance!
    “Mitch shuddered: “And yet it’s hard to look at, say, this (not safe for work or queasy stomachs; it’s the end-result of a “partial birth abortion”, and it’s horrific) ”

    Needs more barbeque sauce?”

    See Emery, you waste of flesh, that’s how it’s done.

    And Eva checked in!

    Good times, right?

    BTW, this has not aged well, Mitch…

    “I think she (and perhaps even hubby Smarty) stand a pretty decent chance of becoming conservatives when they grow up – and given that they’re expecting, that might even be happening sooner than we thought.”

  10. Swiftee Bot on March 14, 2018 at 2:01 pm said:

    Ha! Thanks NW. Dang, 11 years ago….
    …and an AngryClown appearance!

    I’ve still got his head in an aquarium. Every once in a while I throw a Malibu Barbi in there & let him snap at it.
    Remember “ApathyBoy”? He had a similar writing style to one of the Emerys.

  11. Ha! Yeah, apathy boy…Eva young…Assclown…Flash. we used to have a much more amusing band of moonbats flying around.

    Now we’re stuck with Dunning_Kruger and teh little Peevee.


  12. I’ve still got his head in an aquarium.

    I tried to keep his head down in the toilet bowl, but AC was slippery.

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