So Let’s Get This Straight

So let’s count it down:

A deeeeeeeply troubled kid with a long, long record of violent outbursts – who, by law, could not be expelled, because school districts need that per diem for having kids in the seats.

Multiple credible reports of a kid who “wanted to shoot up the school”, received by the sheriff’s offie and the FBI. 1: the schools had a problem kid with violent outbursts including assaults and threats. But could not expel him by law.

39 calls to 911 for the kid in a short time.

Statemens about Nik Cruz that just keep coming out of the woodwork.

And to top it off, the cop (the ones who Big Left sayis should have all the guns) sat outside the school, literally in a defensive position, and did nothing as the massacre went on inside

The armed school resource officer assigned to protect students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took a defensive position outside the school and did not enter the building while the shooter was killing students and teachers inside with an AR-15 assault-style rifle, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Thursday.

Israel said he suspended School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson on Thursday after seeing a video from the Parkland, Fla., school that showed Peterson outside the school building where the shooter was inside and attacking.

“What I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of Building 12, take up a position, and never went in,” Israel said.

Sheriff Israel noted what readers of this blog have known for years; that the deputy’s job was to get in there and put shots on targetTo shake the killer out of his narcissistic reverie.   They’ve known this – and, ostensibly, trained on this – since Columbine.

Not charging toward gunfire is a pretty normal human reaction.

On the other hand, everyone who is getting the victorian vapours over the thought of letting school staff carry guns for self-defense?  This is your alternative; lived dependent on the frailty of human nature to defend them from the depravity of human nature.

Why not use one of human nature’s more automatic traits – self-preservation – to our advantage?  Especially since repealing “gun free zones” will deter the attacks in the first place? 

14 thoughts on “So Let’s Get This Straight

  1. I seem to remember an Army professor of “killology”, Grossman or something like that, note that even with the best killing training available, about 5-10% of soldiers freeze up. Dunno what I’d have done, but I can’t totally blame the guy for freezing up.

  2. FWIW, that cop who’s job it was to protect those children and didn’t? It’s worse than that:

    Only then a Parkland school shooting happened. For Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel this had to be an “oh shit” moment; but not for the reasons the media initially thought. If people start digging, they’ll discover the shooter was one of those previously excused students

  3. Wow, jdm. If only there was an organization that focused on getting to the truth and reporting it to the public, regardless of who was exposed or embarrassed.

  4. I’ve been reading lots of leftist reprobates express a suddenly rediscovered respect and admiration for coppers…”No one knows how they will react in a situation like that; don’t be a judger, you bigot!!!”

    That’s as may be. But I can 100% guarantee 99.9% of people will shoot back at someone shooting at them, if they have the means.

  5. Looks like epic fails to stop this kid at the county & federal level, and so of course the anti-gun folks allow them to deflect the blame to the NRA, who have no obligations other than to protect 2nd amendment rights & promote safe firearm practices.
    The lefties fall for this crap. Every. Single. Time.

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  7. if one were conspiracy minded, one might notice that this Known Wolf was brought to the attention of Democrat-leaning school and law enforcement officials more than four dozen times, all of whom took no action until the madman carried out his rampage, when they wheeled in unison to stand on camera and shriek at the NRA.

    We’ve heard a lot about the Deep State in the FBI working to undermine the Trump presidency using lies paid for by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign to convince a federal court to wiretap the Trump campaign and later, to bum-rush the Attorney General into unleashing Inspector Javert to endlessly bite the new administrations’ ankles. Lies, deceit, cover-up, perjury, all part of the day-to-day operation to hobble the Trump administration.

    It would be monstrous to sit back and intentionally allow a madman to shoot up a school full of children merely to provide the media with a pretext for outrage giving Democrats energy for political maneuvers. Worse than Fast and Furious.

    Are we absolutely convinced no person in the Deep State suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would do a thing like that, for the higher good?

  8. The terrifying fact is, the prior Administration actually implemented Fast and Furious. What would keep the Deep Stat from pulling something else? A wise friend has been telling me for years that when political change results from the emotion of tragedy, tragedy will be created for political change.

  9. Joe, they support a group that has ended the lives of 3 million unborn kids.

    Do I think they might be willing to sacrifice a few dozen more to disarm us? Hell yes I do.

  10. the Bloomberg/Brady folks have been planning for this ever since Sandyhook – building the organizational infrastructure along the lines of “What to Do When Tragedy Comes To Your Town”. Unimaginatively they call it Operation Canned Goods – it defines the procedures to follow when tragedy strikes: preliminary “victim” interviews, coordination with the local and national media, enlisting photogenic victims, pre-media interview coaching, protest schedules (travel expenses, lodging, etc). All the anti-gun activity ramped up and took place within the first 24 hr news cycle window – that takes planning.

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