Walz’s Waffles

For 12 years, now, Tim Walz was perfectly happy to bamboozle his district by accepting the NRA’s endorsement – pretty8 much a requirement in the rural south of Minnesota.

Now – running for the DFL endorsement for governor against impeccably-Metrocrat Rebecca Otto – he’s calling for all sorts of gun controls, including gun bans.

You read it here first, two years ago:

It may look like a Nazi women’s prison camp guard re-union, but in fact it’s Rep. Walz meeting with Moms Want Action  – a subsidiary of Everytown, Michael Bloomberg’s group, which outspent all pro-gun groups 17-1 in the 2016 election.

Is he after all that Bloomberg money?  All those Metrocrat votes?

Who cares?  All we know is, he’ll be back looking for shooter votes once the DFL convention is over.

He’s cast his lot.  Will it cost him?  He doesn’t seem to think so.

3 thoughts on “Walz’s Waffles

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  2. The time is now; the wind is at their back and we’re calling their bluff.

    Either the stinking Democrat party calls for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment, or they must forever STFU.

    If, as the SDP says, America demands we “do something”, go big or go home.

    But they won’t. Because like DACA, the 2nd amendment is more valuable as a political tool.

  3. If for years, you have accepted blood money from an evil, corrupt organization and cheerfully touted its ideas as your own but now you’ve “grown” and no longer agree with those ideas, shouldn’t you give back the money you took and refuse to accept any more?

    How can it be virtuous to continue accepting the money under false pretenses, only to give the blood money to your friends?

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