Billy Graham

He may have been the greatest evangelist in history, claiming to have preached to over 200 million in person over the years.  Billy Graham passed away yesterday at age 99.

Like Charlton Heston, he broke a lot of Big Left’s narratives:

In the 1960s, he ardently opposed segregation, refusing to speak to segregated audiences.

“The ground at the foot of the cross is level,” he once said, “and it touches my heart when I see whites standing shoulder to shoulder with blacks at the cross.”

He was incredibly influential:

Graham also was noted for consulting and praying with every U.S. president from Dwight Eisenhower to Barack Obama, who in April 2010 visited Graham at his mountaintop cabin in North Carolina. He also met with President Harry Truman in what was initially a contentious meeting after Graham spoke to the press, but the two men later viewed the episode as a humorous incident.

Modern times tangent;  I’ll be staying away from Twitter today.  I can imagine the left’s comments about Graham will be down to their usual standard.

4 thoughts on “Billy Graham

  1. I am writing from an office within 20 minutes of the Graham compound in Ashville.

    They’re going to move his body to Charlotte this afternoon, and I’ll bet it will be a procession that rivals that of any world leader.

  2. I don’t Twitter, and I’m sure the leftist reprobates are having a spittle fest over Billy’s passing, but I’m not going to condemn them for it.

    I’d just as happily relieve myself on the grave of Paul Wellstoned(!), or any other leftist icon, and I cannot abide hypocrisy in myself any more than I can in others.

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