Once More Into The Breach

The DFL is trying to suspend the rules to try to jam down some gun control legislation while nobody’s paying attention.

They’re doing this because they know that once all the Civil Rights activists show up at the Capitol, it’ll be no contest.

If they get away with it, it’ll mean they can get a vote with

  • No committee hearings
  • No  public debate
  • No chance for gun owners to counter their arguments

This is an attempt at a Chicago-style jamdown.

Bryan Strawser from the MNGOC explains what’s up.

Call your legislator today.  Not just today – now.  If you don’t know who they are, find out here. Tell them you do not support new gun control initiatives.  Tell them all legislation should go through the committee process with opportunity for public input. No suspension of the rules to ram through an anti-gun agenda!

5 thoughts on “Once More Into The Breach

  1. Yup! Their media accomplices have been saying that the usual gang is at the Capitol today, spouting their lies. The local Moms Demand Director, a transplanted VA liberal, was actually given air time to spew her “enough is enough” mantra. This was followed by traitor Walz stating that he was donating NRA money to charities and wouldn’t take any more money from them. He has totally sold out to the hard core left wing.

  2. I would argue Walz was acting for his more conservative constituency, and is now making a play for votes in the Twin Cities and Duluth. He was a “moderate” who, confronted with the slow motion train wreck that is Obamacare, never once proposed any substantive changes.

    Either he’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, or he liked it that way. I lean towards both.

  3. *looking left*

    *looking right*

    Nope, nothing on my horizon. But good luck to you poor, doomed slobs up there.

  4. I need to get hold of that book “the death of common sense.” If we need a gun law, how about one that prohibits anybody from carrying a gun near a school? Oh, wait…. Or a law against murder? Nevermind.

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