An App I’m Working On

The City Pages gave me an idea:

Do you worry about getting carpal tunnel from continually typing your thoughts and prayers?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to show your artificial concern? One that didn’t require work? Or any caring at all?

Introducing Thoughts & Prayers, the new app that allows you to conspicuously care with no effort whatsoever!


And with that in mind, don’t forget the latest app from the creator of “Thoughts And Prayers”……”Howling Incoherent Rage!”

Cast an invincible torrent of uninformed blame and inchoate anger without all that pesky listening, learning and understanding! Just swipe left!

Signal your smug virtue and assert your unearned moral superiority without having to bother with learning the issue or the other sides of a debate with a simple tap tap tap.

Make your *feelings* known without any pesky context!

Because why express sympathy when you can tell the world how important your spittle-flecked rage is to YOU!

Available for iPhone (because Droids are for anal-retentive dweebs) and Android (because IOS is just so twee).


17 thoughts on “An App I’m Working On

  1. Mitch, I think you ought to put up a button/link right below the Trulbert link where those who wish to invest in your apps could do so. It would help defray development costs….

  2. The app will give you a curated list of topics each morning to be outraged/triggered/apalled at. Simply check/swipe next to each you wish to express your conscience and the app automatically signals your virtue. Be sure to check in each morning.

    The premium version of the app lets you select from a menu of pre-written tweets that you can add your name to for when you’re really offended and a mere swipe just won’t do.

  3. My local paper published this pro gun control editorial today (from the Chicago trib):
    Stay outraged. Don’t accept this mass shooting and move on.
    It’s pretty bad. It lacks reason and common sense, which is to be expected, given that “outrage” means something like the opposite of reason and common sense. They editorial writer is demanding that you act on your anger.
    The remedies to mass school shootings called for by our “outrage” are:

    requiring background checks for every gun purchase, including those at gun shows and transactions between private parties; limiting the capacity of magazine clips, forcing assailants to frequently reload; and banning “bump stock” devices that convert semi-automatic rifles into machine gun-like weapons.

    None of these would have stopped the Florida massacre, or even reduced the body count. This is especially ironic, given that Chicago has very strict gun control laws and yet manages to be one of the cities most known for gun violence. Chicago had 758 murders in 2016. Cruz killed seventeen people in his murder spree. That’s about ten days worth of Chicago murders.

  4. limiting the capacity of magazine clips, forcing assailants to frequently reload
    What is a “magazine clip”, and where can I get one?
    Seriously, limiting the number of rounds in a magazine will not force assailants to frequently reload. It will force them to carry more than one gun. Or mod an existing low capacity magazine.

  5. So . . . it’s not the killing they object to, it’s the rate?

    If a guy shot up the school with three 10-round magazines instead of one 30-round magazine, that would be better because the children would die more slowly due to reload times?

    I could understand the argument if I thought it would take 10 minutes to reload after each shot. That might give the cops time to arrive and thereby save lives. But how long does it take to swap magazines?

    Rather than focus on slowing the rate of killing, why not focus on preventing the killing? Why not focus on better security, better mental health screening, better law enforcement?

  6. JD, that’s too easy (other than mental part), logical and had actually been proven to work. But that would eliminate an opportunity for outrageTM. Why do you think arms ban had not been enacted when progressives had supermajority? It is also exactly the same reason amnesty was not passed either and DACA came with an expiration date! Gotta keep those sheep perpetually outraged to keep them in line. Progressive care less about safety of kids than they do about spotted owls.

  7. I personally like the bit that Powerline linked last weekend. The “plan” for achieving gun control in some portions of the left is not about evidence or logic, but about personal attacks. I always change my mind when someone slanders me!

    Either that, or I might contemplate that in a world where the left confuses personal attacks with argument, I might do well to have a ready means of self-defense.

  8. They do not want to convince you, bikebubba, they want to hate you & be seen to hate you. The Left has been hate-driven for decades. It really kicked into high gear after Clinton’s impeachment & the election of 2000.
    You cannot assume good faith on the part of the anti-gun people. They have no concern at all for your right to self defense or keeping guns away from crazy people. Cops have very high rates of alcoholism, a depression, and divorce, yet the country is full of “pro gun control” mayors who sign waivers that allow dangerous cops to keep their jobs. In my state, if you have ever been treated for mental illness or alcohol addiction, you cannot legally own a gun — unless you are a cop. If a family member or ex spouse takes out TRO on you, you can’t own a gun — unless you are a cop.

  9. MP, alrighty then. It’s safe for wife-abusing cops to have fully automatic weapons, but not for law-abiding guys like myself to have a semi-auto with a plastic stock and a big magazine. Getting your paycheck from the government makes you a morally better person, even though you aren’t. #LiberalLogic

  10. From what I’ve seen on Lefty websites today, MBerg, all of your pro-gun commenters are not, in fact, Americans, but are Russian trolls paid by Putin.
    Every last one of them. Especially Swiftee. Or should I say Comrade Swiftee?
    SITD has clearly become a hotbed of Russian trollerism.

  11. SITD has clearly become a hotbed of Russian trollerism.

    Safety is danger.

    Prudence is recklessness.

    Responsibility is flagrancy.

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