As Long As You Want To Trash The Constitution To “Save Lives”…

First things first: Berg’s 18th Law is in full effect. (“Nothing the media writes/says about any emotionally charged event – a mass shooting, a police shooting, anything – should be taken seriously for 48 hours after the original incident. It will largely be rubbish, as media outlets vie to “scoop” each other even on incorrect facts“). CNN has already fallen for one social media hoax on the subject.

After atrocities like the one that they’re still sorting out in Florida – a gun free zone with a cop on scene, no less – there’s usually a wave of people who take to social media to offer “thoughts and prayers” to the victims, their families and the community.

That wave is quickly followed by a wave of people say “Stuff the hopes and prayers! We need to dooooooooo something!”. That “something” is, inevitably, trample on the Constitution – in a way that won’t save one single life.

You want to trash the Constitution in a way that *could* save lives? Impose censorship over the mass media. Because spree killers use a variety of weapons – guns, machetes, gasoline, fertilizer – but they all 1 seek *immortality*. They want to be *famous*.

And who grants fame and immortality in our society? The media and its 24 hour news cycle.

So if you deprive a mentally unstable but violent person of one means to kill, they’ll find another.  So why not deprive them of motive – their mass media eternal reward?

Now, the people howling “Stupid Christians!  Doooooooooo Something!” would be largely but not entirely horrified at the thought of gagging the media after mass shootings.   And no, it likely wouldn’t work complete.y – but it’d have much more effect on spree killings.

So at any rate – all of you howling at people asking for thoughts and prayers and asking people to dooooooo something?  You’re less useful in the great scheme of things.   Drop it.


1 Except, generally, terrorists.  Does that include the San Bernardino and Little Rock murderers, and Omar Mateen?  What am I, a psychiatrist?

45 thoughts on “As Long As You Want To Trash The Constitution To “Save Lives”…

  1. If we’ve got to get rid of an article of the Bill of Rights to deal with these guys, what about the 8th Amendment instead of the 2nd? Instead of incarceration or a quick, painless death, let’s bring back Madame Guillotine, burning at the stake, or stoning. And instead of a dignified burial, let’s let the families of the victims relieve themselves into the perp’s open coffin, which would then be emptied into a lagoon of hog manure or something.

    Yeah, not gonna happen, and I probably don’t want it to happen, either, but it makes a whole lot more sense than punishing the innocent for the crimes of the wicked.

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  3. I’m i favor of using a naming system similar to the one we use for hurricanes to for all reference to spree killers. Don’t publicize the killer’s real name (regardless of weapon used). Just refer to the first killer of the year as Spree Kller Alfalfa, the second as Spree Killer Bernard, and so on. And the geekier the name, the better. Nobody wants to go down in history as Spree Killer Ichabod.

  4. Fake news. Did not happen, just like lunar landing. This was a gun-free zone, people!

    but it makes a whole lot more sense than punishing the innocent for the crimes of the wicked.

  5. Ugh, wrong button.

    Not punishing innocents, bike, but creating more innocent victims.

  6. Thank God, as the NRA constantly repeats, guns don’t kill otherwise there might have been a lot more dead children. Those calming thoughts and prayers should really help.

  7. No news here…

    And yet here you are, with not one but two comments sticking it to The Man. Your devotion, indeed, your courage in saying what needs to be said is an inspiration to us all.

  8. Is it the time to introduce open carry legislation on the playground?


    The school’s football teacher used himself as a human shield to protect students.

    Would it have been the end of the world if he – or some other responsible adult with a clean record – could have reacted a little more…substantially?

    Speaking of substantial – great analysis. No, no sarcasm at all.

  9. Actually I, for one, would love to hear Emery’s solution to ensure complete school safety. Explain it, step by step, in detail. I suspect it will go something like this: “Ban guns.” I suspect that’s his whole plan, as far as he’s thought.

    Yes, and then what? Then disarm police, military and politically connected cronies to “get guns off the streets?” Then go door-to-door to collect the hold-outs, with stop-and-frisk to search everybody coming into the cleared neighborhoods? Then erect border walls to prevent resupply from overseas and close searches of every single crate coming into port? Neighborhood block captains snooping and reporting deviant activity? Random garage searches for people building their own guns in the workshop? Search every person coming onto school grounds? Guards at every school door – armed with what?

    We’ve heard the facile quips before, Emery. Give us the entire plan in full.

  10. We’ve heard the facile quips before, Emery. Give us the entire plan in full.

    Facile quips are all Emery has. Although he can copy and paste something from a Bloomberg front group anon.

  11. Wouldn’t it be great, per Emery’s moronic comment, if someday Miss Wormwood could respond to such hooligans as caused the disaster yesterday with hot lead? If students sheltering in place could see their math teacher respond to shots fired by first drawing his Glock, and then telling the kids to create a barricade while he established a defensive position?

    Nope, we’ve got to do more of what got us to this point. More gun free zones. More disarmed victims. Emery, I got some wisdom for you; if you smoke, don’t eat spicy food, or you’ll blow your head off.

  12. Nice to have Emery to kick around while we wait out the 48 hours for the facts to be sorted. His statements are as paper-thin as the targets I shoot at the range.

  13. One of the reports says fbi was alerted a couple months ago to one (insert shooter name here) who wanted to become a professional school shooter. After initial follow up, FBI did…. Nothing… Guess too busy working on the strumpet/russia collusion case. Could not spare the resources.

  14. Government also failed to put the Sutherland Springs shooter on the no buy list, the FBI failed to initiate an investigation when they were told about Larry Nassar’s crimes (40 people molested before Rachael Denhollander broke things open), the FBI failed to prosecute Fast & Furious, the FBI failed to vet the Steele memo before getting warrants on it….I am noticing a pattern here. Government doesn’t do its job, citizens pay the price in life and liberty.

  15. Until the the middle class is impacted in a more meaningful way regarding mass shootings. We as a society will continue to turn a blind eye to it.

  16. Er, EI?

    Mass shootings get saturation coverage because they affect the middle class.

    Hundreds of black and brown people in Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Saint Louis, North Minneapolis, Camden, Stockton, New Orleans, Memphis, Baltimore and Cleveland don’t, because they’re brown and black and not middle class.

  17. The fact of the matter data shows, white middle class voters are not impacted as much as urban residents when it comes to gun violence. How many school shootings will be one too many and when will we reach that tipping point? Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc… and middle class voters continue to elect politicians who support guns rights.

  18. Emery,
    in the last 47 days 52 people have been shot and killed in Chicago another 215 have been shot and wounded. That’s a total of 267 people shot. 83% of that 267 were black or Hispanic. Please point me to the 24/7 national coverage of that slow motion massacre.
    Chicago is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party – please enumerate the successes of the Democrats/Progressives in dealing with violent ethnic subcultures. Here I’ll help you, you can’t, because Democrat/Progressive policy is to enable not control violent subcultures.

  19. Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc… and middle class voters continue to elect politicians who support guns constitutional rights.


  20. How about getting to the root of the problem? We arguably have more school shootings now than we had in the past even though gun laws then were less restrictive. What changed? Bueller? Bueller?

    I guess all that pussification and Marxist indoctrination is leading to more mental instability. Whoever first said that “liberalism is a mental disorder” was dead on the money. Add to this fawning and glorifying media and you have perfect storm conditions for more of the same. Dang, what did the St. Catherine arsonist say, “Too bad I did not have a bomb”? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But that is too logical with people with the “liberal” affliction to understand, as evidenced time and time again by our resident trolls.

  21. Regarding urban residents, I’ve seen it noted that people don’t shoot up urban schools in the same way they do suburban and rural schools for a very simple reason; they have a reasonable expectation that some of the students are armed. Not legally, mind you, but they are armed.

    It’s along the same lines that my brother once mentioned that if you’re being chased by a criminal, dart into a smut shop. Sounds odd until you realize that (a) the owner might like some good publicity and (b) due to the nature of his business, he’s probably armed.

  22. Shvonder-eTASS, the question is, “should he had been able to lawfully purchase a weapon?” based on everything we know about him so far. But you are not interested in solutions, just talking points, are you? Working on that plan for JD? Get to it, trolls. Put your sock puppets to work, Shvonder-eTASS, it may speed things up.

  23. JD: Gun owners are a large minority. They are middle class, they vote, and many care more about guns than about any other political topic. It’s not about the gun industry, or even the NRA. It’s about gun owners, and the political power of a vocal minority. They are well informed about gun control issues, and choose the status quo over the alternatives. The histrionics of those who would prefer to see gun control are beside the point. Gun owners don’t need the issues explained to them. They view the societal costs of gun ownership as well worth it. Until they change, or die off, the politics will not shift.

    jpa: Mental health problems are not an on/off thing. It’s a question of degree. The US used to institutionalize more of its mentally ill citizens, but moved away from that policy, because it was expensive, resulted in cruel treatment, and put a lot of harmless people behind bars who could cope in the normal world with a little help.

    Mass shootings breed mass shootings. As they become more common, mentally unstable and otherwise troubled individuals have a template to work from. The world’s full of angry people, a small fraction of whom will act out violently. Nobody knows how to single out that small fraction prior to them acting.

  24. So, when The Emery Collective really has the chance to lay out The Plan for Complete School Safety, he abstains.

    It’s still just “Ban guns”.

    I have been led to believe that the school (teachers and administration) knew just how dangerous this kid might be. And rather than hire some off-duty police officers or something similar, they just fondled their worry beads and hoped for the best. Is this true?

  25. Until they change, or die off, the politics will not shift.

    And by golly, Shvonder-eTASS wants to bring the entire goobernment apparatus to put its boot on these people’s necks and turn them into slaves. Or kill them. The people who are the backbone of the country – “middle class, they vote”. eTASS’ words, not mine. How humane. How erudite. How elitist. Don’t you have a Soros cheque to cash so you can afford to pay for bandwidth to keep trolling?

  26. Mass shootings breed mass shootings. As they become more common, mentally unstable and otherwise troubled individuals have a template to work from. The world’s full of angry people, a small fraction of whom will act out violently. Nobody knows how to single out that small fraction prior to them acting.

    So how will taking away guns from law abiding citizenry keep this from happening? You just made the counter point. Did you even realize it? Of course not. Are you still working on the plan? C’mon, get all your personalities into it. Double and triple the trolling speed.

  27. Jdm/jpa ~ could you point to a specific comment I wrote that claimed ‘banning guns’ or “taking away guns” was the solution?

  28. the Emery-Collective™ has reached the consensus that the Second Amendment should be rewritten to more closely resemble Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution as a good Common Sense Measure© for dealing with gun crime in the US. However the EC do understand that referring directly to Article 10 has unfortunate associations that distract from the beauty of their chosen solution.

  29. Well, Mr Emery Collective, you constantly comment/complain/whine about the existence of guns in American society, it’s an easy conclusion to draw. Of course, here (again) is your chance to show yourself much more nuanced and smart and, like, stuff, and sketch out that Plan for Complete School Safety.

  30. What do you do to prevent other mass shootings similar to the ones in Las Vegas and Sugarland, TX? Lawfully purchased firearms in the hands of individuals who look a lot like you and me. Good guys with a gun; until they act out.

  31. Sutherland Springs, Emery, and that was a guy with a domestic violence conviction that the Department of Defense didn’t report to the FBI. He was not a good guy until he was not, but a serial spousal abuser who should not have been able to buy a gun.

    Wouldn’t hurt if churches also had a few armed people around, either.

    Vegas atrocity? Again, government doesn’t look so hot when it takes an hour for the SWAT team to breach his room, does it? Other than that, event organizers need to remember that security extends outside the gates of the event, too.

  32. Shvonder-eTASS, your use of “sensible gun control laws” language whenever you hear a Bloomberg dog whistle is evidence enough. Demonstrated time and time again. Your non-sequitur evasion, misdirection, misstatement and outright lies are not fooling anyone here. But you sure do try.

  33. Emery, your 9:23 snark about the NRA suggests they’re wrong and guns actually are the problem. Your 6:40 is reductio ad absurdum, suggesting you don’t want people with guns protecting playgrounds. Your 8:15 says society will turn a blind eye toward guns until they’re impacted by gun violence, then they’ll do something about it, implying there something that can be done. Your 6:08 blames politicians who support gun rights, suggesting gun rights should be changed somehow to prevent school shootings. Your 10:03 conceded Cruz was a lawful purchaser suggesting the only way to prevent shootings is to make the purchase unlawful but then your 11:35 asks where you specifically proposed to ban guns.

    You haven’t. You haven’t proposed anything. You’re talking trash but you’ve got nothing to back it up. Fine, you’re so smart, enlighten us: what’s your plan to prevent school shootings like this one, Emery? Spell it out, in detail.

  34. Joe, in detail? Baby-steps. Just a rough draft of that Plan for Complete School Safety would be nice.

  35. I’m looking at the notes I’ve made from Emery’s fact filled dissertation on ending gun violence, and I just realized I’m not wearing my glasses, but I can read every word I wrote. Because there are none.

    C’mon ya ignorant slob. Surely you could have found something to plagiarize by now.

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