“Aliza Worthington” describes herself as “Brooklyn-bred, Baltimore by choice, music snob, history nerd, family-obsessed, friend-dependent, amateur glassblower, passable dancer, & since age 40, a writer”

She may have had a point until she hit that last clause.

Ms. Worthington – a honky – writes a piece in the ever-more-loathsome “Medium” entitled “Black Panther” Is Not For Us, White People“.

I’m gonna stop just short of telling white people NOT to see it. To be clear, I hope this movie makes A BAZILLION GAFLILLION SCHMATRILLION dollars opening weekend, and wins every single award possible. Speaking to my fellow white people, though, can we please consider letting Black people have this joy without us ruining it for them with our presence?

We have ruined, and continue to ruin so much for Black folx.[That’s right. Folx.  She is that dumb – Ed] Yes, often just by inserting ourselves where they are rightfully trying to enjoy their greatness in peace, and without our white nonsense.

Ms. Worthington:   do black “folx” (#VomitInMouth) need your help defending their culture?

I’m sure they’ll rise as one and offer their “thanx”.

Or, if you get tickets, and you notice it’s sold out, and some Black folx are outside bummed they weren’t able to get tickets, give your tickets to them and go to Applebee’s instead.

How very, very twee.

It just has to be tough, being both a honky and ˆ”authentic”.   Well done.

Ms. Worthington:  I’m going to exercise that greatest “white privilege” (I choose to call it “freedom”, and invite everyone of all races to partake in it) and go wherever I damn well want, do what I want, and mock your appropriation of the voice of American blacks.  They don’t need your help.

13 thoughts on “Appropriation

  1. I didn’t notice “economist” on her list of achievements. There’s a reason for that.

    I suspect the movie’s producer is praying “Please, White people, buy a ticket to the movie. EVERYBODY buy a ticket to the movie so we can franchise action figures and Happy Meals and make a dozen sequels.”

    With Liberal Whites like her admonishing White people to boycott Black art, who needs the Klan?

  2. I suspect the movie’s producer is praying “Please, White people, buy a ticket to the movie. EVERYBODY buy a ticket to the movie so we can franchise action figures and Happy Meals and make a dozen sequels.”

    No kidding.

  3. OK, you’ve got a fictional superhero in a fictional country whose name sounds like an Indian name, all written by a variety of white comic writers for Marvel Comics, and somehow white people attending the movie is going to be horrible cultural appropriation?

    More or less, she’s arguing for partial segregation. Give her a “Bull Connor” trophy, I guess.

  4. I am so concerned about cultural appropriation that not only won’t I buy tickets to see this movie, I won’t watch it when I can see it for free on Netflix six months from now.
    I also urge that all white members of the Academy for Arts and Sciences not vote for it to receive any Oscars. That would be cultural appropriation. If white people like the movie, they aren’t watching it right and have no right to consider it good or bad.
    I don’t call this a boycott, I call it a “pro-cott,” as in “I won’t pay to see “The Black Panther. I am pro-cotting it.”
    Get your white friends to do the same.
    No peace without justice.

  5. I’m waiting for the left to demand a return of anti-misogyny laws.

    I’m not kidding.

  6. anti-misogyny or anti-miscegenation?
    It was the Democrats that wrote the anti-miscegenation laws in the first place – I could see them rebooting the franchise…

  7. It really must be difficult living life while being chained to a couple semi trailers’ worth of white guilt.

  8. Guilt is something you feel about your actions. Worthington doesn’t feel guilt. You should feel guilty because you are not as woke as she is. She wants to shame you. The idea of the selfhating [whatever] is a rare bird. People like Worthington are much more common. They don’t hate themselves, they hate you.

  9. I had a fun time this morning explaining the concept of “cultural appropriation” to my teen daughters. The idea that someone would be offended if you decided to enjoy something developed in their culture was completely foreign to them, and I’m sure they thought I’d been smoking something just to come up with the idea.

    And if Ms. Worthington truly wants to give minorities their space and give up on cultural appropriation, she can start by giving up coffee, tea, and chocolate, along with any number of medicines based on plants found in the jungle. She can have barley gruel, mutton, and beer without hops for her ration. No wine or citrus…..this could be fun! (if it wouldn’t likely be lethal to her, of course)

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