Boca Chica And The DFL’s Intellectual And Political Cleansing

Boca Chica, on Saint Paul’s West Side, has been a neighborhood fixture for at least five decades and counting.

I’ve been there many times; I’ve taken my family there more times than I can possibly remember. It’s a pillar of the West Side community, and it knows it:

Boca Chica was named by my father, Guillermo, after a small town on the Gulf of Mexico where he spent many memorable times. “Boca Chica”, translated, means “little mouth of the river”. Today, Boca Chica has grown substantially and is rated “one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities,” according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine’s March 2006 issue.

At Boca Chica Mexican Restaurante, we have a desire to contribute to our community’s cultural heritage by preserving in our beautiful painted murals the history and the essence of the Mexican people. These murals, painted by Rigel from Merida Yucatan, cover the walls in all three of our dining rooms. You can relax and enjoy comfortable dining in the Aztec room, the El Grito room, or the El Cortijo room.

I’ve also attended GOP political events there.

No more.  The Fourth District GOP was planning an event on January 10, a week from tonight, at Boca Chica.  According to the chair of the CD4 GOP, no more:

Yesterday I received notification from the Boca Chica Restaurant that they cancelled our Turn Minnesota Red CD 4 2018 Kick Off Event, which was scheduled for Jan. 10, 2018. Needless to say, I was upset. Apparently the Boca Chica Restaurant does not want to have Republican groups or organizations to have events at their restaurant. As Chairman of CD 4, CD 4 will not attempt to set any more events at the Boca Chica Restaurant.

The restaurant explained to a GOP figure of latino descent from the neighborhood that the restaurant had been the subject of “social media pressure” – although a quick investigation shows no facebook or twitter posts with Boca Chica and any GOP organizations.

My suspicion:  it’s DFLers from the neighborhood, carrying out “intellectual and political cleansing”.  They want to drive the GOP underground in places they control, figuratively and, perhaps, literally.

This is life in Democrat country.

Perhaps if we asked them to bake us a wedding cake?

33 thoughts on “Boca Chica And The DFL’s Intellectual And Political Cleansing

  1. CBiT,

    I’ve known Pen for almost 30 years. Whatever you think about his beliefs or how he presents them, I don’t know that I see him being *that* kind of DFLer.

  2. I am agitated at how he conducts himself here and I am ***responding in kind***. There is a great Bugs Bunny quote that comes to mind.

  3. There is no victory in seeking vengeance. If they want to “red-line” their customers, they will ultimately end up paying for it.

  4. Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, it’s illegal for Boca Chica to refuse to serve people based on race, color, creed, religion, disability, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or sex.

    It might be humorous to propose amending the law by adding “political philosophy” to the list so Boca Chica would be required to rent to Literally Nazis. Why not? The highest form of protected speech is political speech; if government can’t suppress it, why should we let them outsource suppression to private businesses?

    It would be fun to see Democrats arguing that freedom of association means people are allowed to discriminate.

  5. I am agitated at how he conducts himself here and I am ***responding in kind***. There is a great Bugs Bunny quote that comes to mind.

    Yeah, “What a maroon!”

  6. JD nails it.

    NW, well, if you take “Bugs Bunny” as a franchise, then Duffy’s “You are deshpeekable” is more appropriate.

  7. Pancho Villa is the greatest restaurant in the history of restaurants. Eat Street.

  8. Miz Whisler grew up in W. St Paul. She’s been going to this place for decades. I just emailed them and told them that is over. Their website is easy to find….

  9. Mitch, conspiracy theory much?

    Maybe it’s just that they don’t like RepubliCons? Given Trump, I wonder why? If I were the owner, I’d at least consider telling you take your bigotted screed elsewhere.

    And of course there’s…

    Now, given your whinging here, I assume you disagree with that gun store owner, right? Either way, I guess that’s just the way they do things in Republicon country. Ya’ know, those damned Clinton supporters, they shouldn’t be provided service.

    Or this one..

    That’s a whole state, Mitch, not just one Mexican restaurant.

    Which while not related to political leanings is still about a political fight and is a violation of what most of us would consider ethical norms, but hey, let them refuse service to colored folks too, after all, isn’t it all about property rights? Oh, I guess not when you’re on the receiving end, huh?

    Parse it how you like, but it’s all political litmus tests, refuse gays, refuse sacrament to those who support choice, for that matter refuse birth control, you can claim it’s about moral code, and so. can. I. I find Republicans to be anti-Christian, not living up to the bible’s teachings and so I don’t want to serve them.


    I can say my rights stop at my feet, and while I don’t have to be a Republican (or Gay, or a Clinton Supporter, or a Muslim) my property rights don’t trump their right to freely engage in commerce.

    See me, I’m on the latter path, you seem to want to be when it’s you who is being gored, where were you on Hobby Lobby? And please, spare the righteous indignation about their religious freedoms, as I said, I can claim my church says all you Republicans are anti-Christian and not living a Christian life because of your abject greed and profound lack of concern for your neighbor. You don’t like property rights/religious liberty being used in a way you don’t agree with, stop using them to enforce a choice on someone ELSE. The owners of Hobby Lobby have the right to chose whether or not to use birth control, but if they chose, in order to attract employees, to provide health care, they should not be selectively providing one form of entirely legal and medically necessary care over another, based on religious grounds for someone ELSE. Just like they shouldn’t deny to sell firearms to Clinton supporters, or refuse service to blacks at a lunch counter. Just like Boca Chica shouldn’t be refusing service to Republicans, despite their moral depravity.

    Failing that, find another restaurant. It’s their right to refuse you service, you made up the rules, now live with them or don’t.

    Incidentally, have you asked the Gopher Bar to host the event?

    Also, as I’m sure you won’t comment on it because it isn’t the propaganda you want to push, funny how the ole’ Voter *Cough*Inegrrity*Cough*BS*Commission was dissolved yesterday. Despite Trumpey’s bloviating, the truth was that most states which objected to providing the ADDITIONAL data they asked for, principally voting habits, SSN, and address, objected because the commission couldn’t assure security and there were concerns about misuse of the data. Notoriously Blue States like Kentucky, Maine, Indiana and Arizona all raised that objection.

    Long and short, the commission NEVER produced a shred of evidence of wide-spread fraud, using ONLY abnormal voter turnout as some sort of indication, which implied BTW, that Trump was likely a fraud if we go down that rabbit-hole, and so was the Alabama Senate election, despite of course the Republican Sec State and a Republican judge both saying such allegations were unproven and ludicrous. So Mitch, ya’ going to right about that?

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  11. Why is birth control forced into compensation? Hell, we can just give it away at Planned Parenthood.

  12. Voter *Cough*Inegrrity*Cough*BS*Commission was dissolved yesterday

    “Cough” it was “Cough” referred “Cough” to DHS “Cough” so that “Cough” “Cough” it could get the “Cough” results “Cough” without Dumbocrat “Cough” “Cough” obstruction.

    Penny, you really should look into that “Cough” thing. Oh, you say it is innate and you cannot get rid of it? Well that explains all that nonsensical verbiage you subject us to since it can only come from a diseased mind.

  13. Penigma, does the fact that your stated reason for the restaurant not to serve Republican groups differs from the restaurant’s bother you at all? Does it bother you at all that Mitch’s hunch matches their statement a lot better than yours?

    Does reality matter to you on your planet?

  14. Gosh Peev, why should any employer pay for birth control when the government is paying Planned Parenthood $543,700,000.00 a year – if someone wants birth control they should just get it from free Planned Parenthood – its what the government is paying for isn’t it?

  15. Peev
    the Voter Integrity Commission was a polite request for information. Turning the investigation over to DHS means that they can invoke the Patriot Act (because Russia!) and seize whatever records they want. Oh, remember DHS can send ARMED personnel to collect those records, I wouldn’t be gloating if I were you!

  16. I hear that the credit card companies can give us European / Mexican election security for pennies.

    Tons of SEIU jobs driving around signing up the Democrats that struggle through life with out normal ID.

  17. Well, Mitch, I think Penny (speaking of screeds, Penny), just outed him/her self as someone that would do something like that.

  18. Mitch, conspiracy theory much?

    Where’s the “Theory”, Pen? We’ve got a rep from the restaurant saying exactly why they cancelled the booking.

    Maybe it’s just that they don’t like RepubliCons? Given Trump, I wonder why? If I were the owner, I’d at least consider telling you take your bigotted screed elsewhere.

    Except they’ve not only booked Republican events for years – they booked this one . Under the name “Fourth Congressional District GOP.” It’s been on the calendar for months. I know this because it’s been on my calendar for months.

    The cancelation was a late-breaking thing.

    And of course there’s…

    Long list of tangents deleted for brevity.

    And topicality. And, let’s be honest Pen, for your own good.

  19. Not that Pen will ever see it, but I’ve got a few minutes to kill:

    And of course there’s… (Gun store and the Mississippi bill). Now, given your whinging here, I assume you disagree with that gun store owner, right?

    Pen, you have an almost supernatural ability to miss the point to geometric perfection.

    I don’t care if Boca Chica bars Republicans. Make it public; I’ll oblige them. This is not about their policy; this is about the campaign on the part of metro DFLers to stifle dissent. I have never called a gun shop – or any other merchant – and said “if you serve Democrats, I’ll never shop with you agin”. But apparently, a bunch of Urban-Progessive-Privileged pajamaboys and thudgrrls leaned on Boca Chica to stop booking GOP events.

    And your Mississippi example is apples and oranges; I’m not asking for a law allbarring anyone from anywhere or forcing merchants to do anything.

    Merely -pointing out the cowardly, jackal-like behavior of the people who ganged up to get a merchant to toss a perfectly legit event, and by extension every single jackbooted DFL fascist that’s getting a giggle out of this today.

  20. I’m torn. On one hand, Penigma agrees with me that personal preferences shouldn’t interfere with interstate commerce. Businesses should not be allowed to discriminate against Blacks, or gays, or Republicans. It should all be illegal.

    On the other hand, I wasn’t in earnest. I don’t really want “political persuasion” added to the list of protected groups, I’d rather the list was abolished. If anybody thinks they can discriminate against Blacks and also stay in business in today’s climate of instant retaliation and 1-star ratings, they’re fooling themselves. We no longer need the ponderous weight of government to police commerce, the free market takes care of the problem instantly.

  21. Joe Doakes on January 4, 2018 at 7:21 pm said:
    I’m torn. On one hand, Penigma agrees with me that personal preferences shouldn’t interfere with interstate commerce. Businesses should not be allowed to discriminate against Blacks, or gays, or Republicans. It should all be illegal.

    I have to disagree, Joe Doakes. Freedom of associarion, you know. This is not a world where a wise goverment steps in and stops individuals from unjustly discriminating and oppressing blameless individuals. The government discriminates against people based on their perceived identity all of the time. It explicitly endorses discrimination in the public sphere. In this country, all sovereignty comes from the People. The government does not have the right to discriminate based on its arbitrary criteria unless little old me, citizen, has the right to arbitrarily discriminate. What we are taught to think are laws against discrimination are laws telling you how may discriminate: banning Republicans because they are Republicans is a-okay, banning Blacks because they are black is double plus ungood.

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  23. The Minneapolis City Republican Committee had a similar experience at the Black Forest on Nicollet Ave. We had met there in the back room several times this year. This fall we were scheduled to meet there again but the waitress insisted that we had not booked the room that night nor any night that year (a real “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia” moment). She was incredibly rude to us even as we tried to negotiate a small place for us to get together there and accomodate however we could. She was so nasty that I’ll never go back to the Black Forest again and the city committee has moved its meeting place. Shout out to Broadway Pizza for their very accomodating space.

  24. Mitch Berg: tl;Dr

    Give it up Merg. Fuck teh Peevee and his ilk. Stop trying to treat them like intelligent human beings; they’re vermine. They hate America, and they hate you and me. Learn to deal.

    I grew up in a nasty California barrio; between getting stabbed, shot and jumped (more times than I can count), I had some of the best Mex food ever. Go to Tony’s house? Hell yeah, moms always had something on the stove….then I moved to MN in ’91: FML

    Suffice it to say, things have gotten better on the Mex food front since then (how could they not? Y’all got 10,000 more now), but Boca was never a place I went. Its shit. There is a joint on the opposite side of the street down the block, forget the name, that’s x100 better.

    Fuck them. Move the meeting to Keegans.

  25. I’m assuming you’ll be helping Boca out on tomorrow’s show by advising Repubs they are not welcome?

  26. As usual, MP had nailed it.

    It’s the rarified air he breathes, and the fact that he’s closer to the heavens.

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