Where Credit Is Due!

As the world wonders what’s going to happen with Al Franken – after 33 Senators call for his stepping down – one must give credit where it’s due.

So a big, unreserved salute to two Minnesota profiles in courage – two women who stepped out against the wind in their own party to stand up for all women.

Kudos and salutes to Senator Amy Klobuchar:

Senator Klobuchar

And to titan of industry and budding perennial candidate Angie Craig:

Angie Craig

These two women took a decisive stand against the ofay objectification of women with their unstinting demand for integrity on the part of Senator Franken and the Democrat Party.

No mean feat, this – swimming against the current that believes, all but officially, that their ends justify their means; that a rapist who “protects abortion” is a better person than the pro-lifer with scrupulous integrity.

And so I salute you, Senator Klobuchar and Angie Craig!

What?   DFL women standing up for individual women, as opposed to Progressive Women as a Collective?    Complete baked monkey doodle?

I know, right?

25 thoughts on “Where Credit Is Due!

  1. I am having a problem determining why Franken should resign. Unless it is the desire to puish him. Franken’s juvenile antics in no way affected his politics or his integrity (such as it is). Franken’s case is different from Conyers. Conyers abused the powers of his office to entice women and to shut them up afterwards.
    So why must Franken go? What is the rational reason for expelling him from office, but not from the ranks of the DFL?

  2. MP – While I would say that it is an issue that should be decided by the voters of MN, I offer this as an explanation: Dayton will appoint someone that makes Franken look like a right-winger, and that may be un-electable on a first go round. But, now they are in that seat. The Dems still have the same amount of seats, they get some younger blood in there (as well as the right kind of progressive blood), and they can attempt to take moral high ground. As in “See, we got rid of our perverts. The GOP doesn’t care about womyn though, as they haven’t banished Trump and others.”

    Would not have been the same if Tim P was still in office.

  3. MP, Franken must go because reprobate leftists see more advantage in tossing him into the wood chipper than standing up for him. That’s all there is to this.

    Make no mistake. These rats couldn’t care less about groping women. Remember, back when Franken was running, and the issue of his hilarious rape jokes came up? Betty! McCollum (dimwit that she is) stood up and publicly denounced Franken (WTF!!!)…of course the DFL promptly put the kibosh on that (STFU you stupid twaat!), and it was never brought up again.

    This is nothing but a win-win for the GOP. Trump\Moore voters don’t give two shits about what leftists have to say on the issue of their candidates. They know leftists are scumbags.

    And, since the majority of Senate seats up for grabs are in Democrat paws now, we are guaranteed a majority for the remainder of Trumps term. I’m hoping that parlays into another excellent SCOTUS pick.

    So. Much. Winning.

  4. Klobuchar and Craig took their stand by not calling for Franken to resign, right?

    Really I think that it’s important for Gov. Dayton to appoint someone who is totally loyal to the DFL, by whom I mean Scott Gillespie or Rene Sanchez, of course.

  5. But what rationale are Franken’s DFL detractors giving for demanding his resignation? He has not been accused of abuse of his office. He is not being investigated for committing any criminal act. It’s okay for a woman to squeeze next to him for a pic, but not okay for him to grab a thigh?
    Not speaking directly about Franken, but how can it be okay for a woman to sleep with her boss to get ahead, but not okay for a boss to advance a woman’s career in return for sex?

  6. As usual, MaryJo Kopechne could not be reached for comment. I think Mitch is not kidding. Klobuchar held out for a long time but Craig donated to women’s shelters money that Franken raised for her campaign. In the end the new Lyin’ cheetah of the Senate was reduced to pawn status, sacrificed in order for the Democrats to push for Roy Moore’s ouster should he be elected. They’d prefer he lose the election, but the trap was sprung too early and now it looks like he may prevail. Rather than have battered Al get his butt kicked in 2018, Gov. Dayton will appoint a successor. Whether it be a pure placeholder or someone the Dems hope can retain the seat remains to be seen. I wouldn’t mind dumping Moore for a less creepy Republican. The thing about these abusers is: they never stop.

  7. So, Franken admits to heavy drug use before he was elected (marijuana, cocaine, LSD), and that doesn’t matter. But Franken is accused of groping women before he was elected, and that makes his collueges lose confidence in him?
    “Franken has groped women in the past, therefore he must resign his elected office” is a non sequitor. The life of the republic is not at stake. Why not let the voters decide in 2020? We know the reason is that the DFL sees an advantage in having a Dayton appointee run in a special election in 2018, but what is the non-power-grubbing reason for Franken’s resignation?

  8. MP, you’ve got the drug use and then the fact that his only political contributions to 2008 were two book length personal attacks. This is how much s**t for brains DFL voters in this state have.

  9. So the Democratic party will now throw Franken under the bus for his relatively minor infractions. Why? Virtue Signaling. They are making a gesture to demonstrate their superior virtue to their core constituents. Many of their legislative priorities are similarly pointless beyond the optics. In defenestrating Franken they will replace a strong candidate to hold his office for decades with a woman, the lieutenant governor, who is a relative light-weight. The list of litmus tests for Democratic candidates only grows. Will the Democrats ever be able to nominate a male candidate for office who has held a position of power in the past? If they’re going to ask every woman who has ever worked for them whether he told a dirty joke or commented on her appearance, or if his hand might have ever touched a breast or a bottom, then the answer is no. Future Democratic candidates will be restricted to female civil rights lawyers.

    Franken’s infractions deserve a chastising, and a humiliating mea culpa. They do not rise to the level where resignation of elected office is appropriate. The Democrats, who regularly field weak candidates whose principle virtue is having done nothing in the past, and therefore nothing objectionable, is shooting itself in the foot yet again. They’re not known as the “party of unintended consequences” for nothing. This is strictly for the base. It loses more swing votes than it will ever gain, and the resulting weak candidates do nothing to excite voters and increase turnout. The net effect is to appear holier than thou, not to win elections. At this rate, we’ll be electing Ivanka in 2024.

  10. MP, you are of course correct. There is no reason for Frankenstein to resign. And if this were any other year, just like a vast majority of demonCrats who got caught with their dicks in a cookie jar, abusing the office or not, he never would. But as you pointed out in another thread, he is but a pawn in game of politics. With Frankenstein ouster, demoncRats can go after sTrumpet and Moore. And indeed they already have! Even though clown had NOT resigned!

  11. Emery, Franken himself was the lightest of weights when he first ran/cheated his way into the Senate. The DFL machine will manufacture all the faux-gravitas (and boxes of extra ballots) it needs to put a cream-puff in office (just look at McCollum), at least until the puff shoots his mouth/foot off. It might be interesting, though, should Angie Craig be put in office, to see how many women come forward to allege abuse by her.

    As for A-Klo – another “less-filling” office-holder – her handlers have gone to great lengths to keep her uncontroversial and let to let her play her slightly-addled den mother routine while she asks, “What am I signing, Radar?” each time Schumer needs a vote.

  12. What?
    Giants don’t resign!
    His handlers will return him back to where they found him… friendless, brainless, helpless, hopeless. Unemployed, in Greenland.

  13. does the token Republican against Amy in 2018 stand a snowballs chance in hell of cracking 45% and at least forcing the DSCC to dump some money in a previously safe seat so they can’t use it where it would hurt the Republicans more?

  14. I don’t know how the senate will function without him, except better in every way. Just like comedy.

  15. I am betting Frankenstein will not resign if Moore wins. He did not resign yesterday and he did not even acknowledge he did anything wrong despite photographic evidence. All Frankenstein did was to double down on his self-professed image as a feminist crusader for womyn’s rights.

  16. I disagree with Franken on several issues, but he is articulate, intelligent and seems to have represented his constituents well, and would have been a strong candidate to retain his senate seat for decades.

    I wouldn’t say that he did nothing wrong, but the punishment is disproportionate to the crime. An investigation followed by a motion of censure and an apology would have been plenty.

    Virtue signaling by Democrats will only make the Democratic core voter base happy. It won’t win any elections.

    In signaling to any prospective male candidate that they had better have lived like a monk if they want to hold public office, the Democratic party has further exacerbated its problem of fielding weak candidates, mostly lawyers and activists, who do not look like and do not appeal to the mainstream voter.

  17. I disagree with Franken on several issues, but he is articulate(?), intelligent(?) and seems to have represented his constituents well(???)

    And yet again, even when really, really trying, eTASS proves he does live in a fake news, alternate facts universe where the only truth is the one passed down in a form of talking points.

  18. I actually thought Franken was a likely Presidential candidate for the next cycle. And given that he hasn’t officially resigned and is asking for his own investigation indicates that he still might run.

    But, the likelihood seems less now. I have also often thought of Trump as a person capable of wrecking havoc on the Republicans and making it harder for Republicans to retain and gain offices. This Franken episode is a turning point for both the Democrats and the Republicans. Democrats are not going to be as strong going into the next few elections where they constantly play victims. People don’t want victims to be their leaders. Think of the school gym class where you would choose strong players to be on your team before maybe choosing your friend, who often wasn’t as physically capable, often the butt of jokes. This is why Trump won. And as long as Democrats continue down the path of “we are the invisible” they will remain invisible. Despite the constant abuse we get from the media, it is looking better for Republicans every day.

  19. Will the Democrats ever be able to nominate a male candidate for office who has held a position of power in the past? If they’re going to ask every woman who has ever worked for them whether he told a dirty joke or commented on her appearance, or if his hand might have ever touched a breast or a bottom, then the answer is no.

    Which is only icing on the cake for militant feminists. Mission accomplished.

  20. That goes for any politician, Bill. Not just dumbocRats. See curious and creepy case of Trent Franks. Libturds painted themselves and every male into a corner. Don’t know if it was intentional or not, and I have my doubts it was not since Menendez is still at large and no-one is calling for his perverted and guilty as sin head.

  21. Democrats have not risen to a higher moral standard. They have thrown Franken under the bus in the desperate hope that they can motivate the same Hillary Girls to show up and put them over the top in 2018. It won’t work any better than it has worked in the past because they have already captured them in full.

    Meanwhile, I’m not the only one to point out the silence and loyalty the Democrats show to that paragon of propriety Sen. Robert Menendez of NJ. Not convicted yet you say. Neither was Franken.

    So OK, send him packing. But how many of the men you know are guilty of making an ill-considered “pass”, or maybe a remark that was misinterpreted? Death penalty for you, and there is no statute of limitations, and no trial.

  22. Not convicted yet you say. Neither was Franken.

    Menendez had a trial which ended up in hung jury due to biased jury and will still likely happen with a change in venue because of the seriousness of the charges. Frankenstein case did not go to trial while having photographic evidence of groping. Somewhere down in that dark abyss where your soul and conscience used to be, the ones you sold to Soros for a kopek, you know that what you so easily toss out is a false equivalence. But you would never, ever admit it, because you can’t. Your overlords will not allow it. You have talking points to push. Fake news and alternate facts. You have no free will left. Nada, zilch, nothing.

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