Faithless And Un-Creditworthy

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Congress is working on a bill to make concealed carry permits valid nationwide, same as driver’s licenses.   They’re calling it “reciprocity” but it’s really not.  Reciprocity is what happens when states mutually agree to honor each other’s licenses.  This is being imposed nationally.

Normally, I’m first in line for gun rights. I should be thrilled about this, right?  I’m not.  I’m a principled conservative.  I believe in subsidiarity first.

The right to possess a gun is a fundamental constitutional right.  The right to carry it in public is not so clear.  At this point, if the several states want to honor each other’s permits to carry, they can (and many already do, if you go through the hoops when you get your Minnesota permit to carry).

But just as each state gets to decide the minimum qualifications to pass a driver’s license exam, each state sets its own concealed carry laws.  What works in Montana may not work in Chicago.  That’s not a problem for Congress to solve.  That’s the essence of federalism.

And, of course, since it’s people traveling between states, then Congress will want to regulate it under the Interstate Commerce clause, set national standards, maintain a data-base of permitted carriers, register the serial numbers of their firearms, all administered by the non-partisan and scrupulously honest staff at the AFT or IRS or  . . . .

Joe Doakes

4 thoughts on “Faithless And Un-Creditworthy

  1. Doakes shoots, scores!

    I was thinking the same damn thing, almost.

    My beef (aside from the state’s rights issue) is the spreading stain effect of recriprecosity we have already seen in the current year with DL’s. Leftist shit holes like California and Massachusetts give state drivers licenses to foreign invaders not in the country legally.

    Those licenses do not alert other’s of the holder’s criminal status, so they might be used to participate in electing leftist Quislings as well as obtaining legitimate licenses in American states.

    We are a divided nation; time to start acting like it.

    I don’t see the upside here, at all.

  2. How about a compromise. Now there is a novel concept. If you have a CCL from a state, any state, you cannot be sued, your guns confiscated, etc if you travel through another state (as in Jersey case), but you cannot actually CCL it, unless there is true state-to-state reciprocity like we have now. I do believe there needs to be a system in place to protect law abiding CCL holders from egregious police state overreach. Else, what is really stopping opportunistic reprobates from passing laws limiting hair length and then harassing drive-throughs and fleecing them for breaking the law? That is an abuse of absolute power, even if you are staunch federalist, no?

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