NARN Pulled Into Eden In A Dusenberg SJ

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Today on the show:

  • Meet The New Equivocation – Same As The Old Equivocation
  • Jason Flohrs from the Center of the American Experiment, talking about the GOP Tax Bill.

Don’t forget – King Banaian is on from 9-11AM on AM1440, and Brad Carlson is  on “The Closer” edition of the NARN Sundays from 2-3PM.

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3 thoughts on “NARN Pulled Into Eden In A Dusenberg SJ

  1. Hey Mitch, I’ve got a show topic for you.

    What ever happened to that slob cop that shot Justine Damon?

    There nebber was no riot to protest her murder (for clearly, murder it was). No looting…No liquor stores were burned in her honor, no weave shops emptied.

    No Jake Tapper eulogy. No NewsCuck virtue signaling open thread.

    There is no profit in getting shot dead by Sammies in your jammies.

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