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  1. Pardon me, my schadenfreude is showing. Haven’t cared for Lauer or NBC in a very long time. Apparently an incident occurred during the Winter Olympics in 2014. I’m sure more details will leak out and more aggrieved parties will step forward with other cases. It strikes me that when “the news” becomes an entertainment industry, with priority placed on young, sexually attractive females to appear on both sides of the camera and an entitled male establishment being the gatekeepers, no one should be surprised at the results. I’m not defending it, just making an observation. What’s next? The Weather Channel?

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  3. Remember when the Food Network fired Paula Dean in 2012 because she had admitted using a derogatory term for Blacks back in the 80’s? That is what leads to this.

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  5. I don’t know much about Lauer, or really desire to defend him, but I sure hope NBC corroborated some of the details before letting him go. And really, if they could corroborate details from a 2014 incident, it does make one wonder why he’s been around the past three years. Did they know, and are ratings dropping so they can make a move now?

    Sorry to be cynical, but as the data are coming out about other things, you’ve got to wonder about their motivations.

  6. You do not release a franchise player unless there is solid evidence and you have grounds not only to fire, but to prevail in a lawsuit againt improper firing.

    Is it me, but is there a trend that most of the perps are libturds? Yes, there is a token rethuglican here and there, but the majority we have heard about is definitely of the demoncRat variety. What does that say about the morality and depravity on the left side of the isle? How can they claim the moral high ground on anything? Oh, wait, they own franchise on hypocrisy.

  7. BB, this is apparently not exactly the first indication of trouble. Word is that the NYT and others had a lot more dirt on Lauer and that his behavior was one of those “open secrets” in the industry. My guess is that this was the excuse NBC needed to get out ahead of yet another PR disaster. With him fired, they spread out the news of many folks accusing him and appear proactive.

    But I agree with JPA: “progressives” believe this is an issue because they see so much of it from each other and just assume that the opposition must be worse if their saints are so bad.

    In short, the Pence Policy is shown to be most sensible approach to reducing even the appearance of inappropriate behavior again, despite all the derision from the liberals in the media and entertainment biz (pardon the redundancy). It’s more difficult to act inappropriately in a visible public environment, although still not impossible.

  8. Clearly, the majority of men in the workplace do not exhibit this form of behavior. These high-profile individuals are garnering attention and should be put out to pasture but it seems to be leading to a mob mentality.

    Ultimately, men will simply avoid/ignore their female colleagues entirely — why risk any interaction which could be misconstrued and cost someone a job or promotion? This is dangerous and can backfire on the many women in the workplace. Also, this in many ways it setting a dangerous precedent when word “inappropriate” is so freely used and widely interpreted.

  9. Emery, you’re only halfway there. The Pence Policy should apply at all levels to any situation where a non-work-based interaction, sexual or otherwise, could apply. In other words, a lesbian boss should never meet in private with a woman no matter that woman’s sexual orientation, for example. It’s about avoiding the even plausible suggestion that anything untoward is occurring and to keep the discussion to only work matters.

    Does this have an impact on employees? Sure, but if you’re going to subject those in power to the possibility of loss of career due to a she said/she said situation you have to accept that they will change their behavior to avoid the possibility occurring.

    In other words, by fixing one problem you may be creating others that may, or may not, in aggregate be worse than the problem your are “fixing”. Welcome to liberal policy in a nutshell: there are always “unexpected” consequences to your actions. (Personally, I like the Pence Policy in general even absent the present hysteria. It’s more respectful to my wife than the alternatives.)

  10. Reading Matt Lauer’s wikpedia bio made me laugh out loud. Some how I had thought that he had done something to deserve fame — been an olympic athlete, something like that.
    Nope. He is a glorified reporter for your local television station’s news half hour.
    Best quote: “”My dad was Jewish. My mom is not. So I was not raised anything. I do feel a desire now to find something spiritual. Getting married and wanting to have kids has something to do with that.”
    If only Lauer’s wife & children had been able to do their job and fulfill his vaguely felt desire to find something spiritual!

  11. There is no way a large company would fire someone of his stature (and resources to sue) without an investigation. “we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident” was definitely written by an attorney— and means they investigated and had cause to fire him.

  12. There is no way a large company would fire someone of his stature (and resources to sue) without an investigation. “we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident” was definitely written by an attorney— and means they investigated and had cause to fire him.

  13. Nerdbert, agreed that this was probably an open secret, which again raises the question of why anybody put up with him. Another question I have is whether people who make their living in front of a camera just might have an exhibitionist streak which would explain this streak of accusations of streaking.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    I’m still of the view, until persuaded otherwise, that a great portion of this problem in the entertainment industry is best described as “grooming” and “talent development.” That is, industry higher-ups use the tactics of other sexual predators to induce new people to do the things the entertainment industry needs done.

  14. And another favorite hit of mine: NPR Chief News Editor David Sweeney also got canned for pulling a Lauer.

    BB, we’re seeing that it’s just not being in front of a camera or a microphone that make liberals *ssholes. I’ll somewhat gently point out that with the tidal wave of exposures we’re seeing that we need to consider a broader condition than liberal in the media or a liberal in politics. There may be a more general condition that is sufficient for self justification of sexual abuse of subordinates.

  15. I just wrote this on my blog and I’ll share it here —

    Truth be told, I’m not surprised at all. Keillor has been a hateful crank for at least 25 years. The tell for me was the publication of The Book of Guys, which I always assumed was an admission of sins and/or cry for help rather than a work of satire. Misanthropes are the way they are for a reason, and the reason is usually self-loathing. I’m sure we’ll learn more about the particulars in the coming days, but Keillor has only intermittently tried to disguise his bile for a long time now. Let’s just say this moment has been coming, and in the current environment Keillor was a high-probability target for the tumbrels.

  16. It makes a difference who you are and where you work.

    NBC Human Resources would treat a complaint against Matt Lauer, on-camera major talent, completely differently from a complaint against Joey Doakski, the junior assistant to the cameraman.

    The HR department of any college would treat a complaint against a male person as conclusive evidence and hustle him out the door before the complainant could take a second breath.

    The Pence Policy will become universal and women are going to hate it.

  17. The Old Scout is in the wood chipper?

    *blink* *blink*





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  19. “I had to sit on Uncle Garrison’s lap while he read selected short stories….He wasn’t wearing any pants”


  20. Waiting for a dismissal announcement for the simpering, miserable twaat that presides over MPR News virtue signaling blog: NewsCuck.

    Then, shall I be a supremely happy man.

  21. Garrison can abuse women at will, if he grows a beard, moves back to Norway and identifies as a Muslim cleric.

    Maybe he will do that.

  22. Yet another fallen libturd icon amid token rethuglicans. This is an avalanche, folks. So far, only a tiny portion of claimed tax payer money which went to settle SH suits on Capitol Hill is accounted for. Any bets what the ratio will be D to R when all is revealed?

  23. I am guessing that the raw #s of those purged on the tumbrels will have a lot to do with the perceived images of the movements. That is, when the left realizes that most of those getting the pink slip are on the left, there might just be an effort to see what conservatives can be taken out. Or, possibly, vice versa. Mr. D.’s comment about the Reign of Terror may become apt here for that reason.

    That noted, it’s worth noting that the people who are getting the pink slips are those in strongly hierarchical organizations where the good will of one person, or lack thereof, makes or breaks careers. I predict a few dozen more firings in the news and entertainment industries, a dozen more scandals in Congress, and that possibly all Hell will break loose in the universities, for this reason.

  24. Bubba, you can bet the farm that leftist reprobates are lifting the cushions, looking for victims of GOP hound dogs.

    So far, bupkus. I do not count Moore, because his accusor has refused to turn over physical evidence for third party exam, and her lawyer says she can’t vouch for its authenticy. Moore says it’s not his writing.

    Truthfully, there are more than a few RINOs I wouldn’t mind watching squirm out the door, but we’ll see.

  25. While we wait for my terribly important comment to clear moderation, allow me to entertain you with the soothing sounds of more laughter, and mockery….

    “Uncle Garrison said I was a hot dish…I thought he was talking about a nasty tuna casserole until…until……sob”


  26. Swiftee’s comments remind me of the reality that PHC did have a certain amount of humor that might be said to be derived from Keillor’s personal predilections. So The Book of Guys might well not be a first hint at all.

  27. So The Book of Guys might well not be a first hint at all.

    It was the first time he’d been so overt. The chapter called “Winthrop Thorpe Tortuga” is an ocean-going vessel of nasty.

  28. Joe, count on men deploying the Pence method ™ to be hauled before the man (thats right, man) for creating a hostile work environment.

    There is no winning with leftist womyn. They want you dead…soon as you sign over the deed to your car, house, insurance.

  29. They want you dead…soon as you sign over the deed to your car, house, insurance.
    Toxic feminism.

  30. I’ve been in the corporate world since the late 70s. When I first started there was still quite a bit of nudge-nudge-wink-wink being openly laughed about. By the 80s, though, there was no chance that anybody hadn’t heard of sexual harassment or the corporate policy against it. That doesn’t mean that certain high level folks weren’t somewhat exempt or “grandfathered” in, but there is no one today in any line of work that should have any illusion that this is acceptable behavior. The fact that some have persisted and presumed themselves immune is hubris. It’s like all those cigarettes you smoked; you think you’re just fine until one day they get you.

  31. The thing that strikes me, speaking of sexual harassment training at work, is that I’ve never, ever, ever, had a sexual harassment training that mentioned anything even close to what Weinstein, Wiener, or Lauer have been accused of doing. I would dare suggest that it would have been beyond the pale even in the wink wink nudge nudge days.

  32. Hear, hear, bikebubba. What Weinstein et al. are accused of is not sexual harassment, but felony sexual assault. This is not “boys will be boys” stuff.
    Any guy who gets turned on by masturbating in front of a strange woman has a screw loose.

  33. MP, I imagine Weinstein syndrome is very much related to the dysfunction that gives some leftists pleasure by posting plagiarized commentary, announcing you are personally acquainted with leaders of science, industry and politics or that your inane prattle has an audience of hundreds of thousands.

    Lot of really messed up reprobates out there, all scrambling for attention.

  34. All I’ll say is that in my opinion everyone of these idiots, Roy Moore included seem to have 1 thing in common. They are all self-righteous assholes with a holier than thou attitude. Coincide? Highly doubtful

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